26. Schedulers » Event Reporting

Events are short text messages that describe errors, warnings, or the change of an operational status. Every Wanguard software component generates events; these are centralized and logged in the Console database.

To see a recent list of Latest Events, click the small bottom edge of the window to raise the South Region, or press Ctrl+E. On one side, the Latest Events tab displays the latest 50 events, while on the other side, it shows a list of components that can generate events and the number of events generated in the last 24 hours by each component. The number’s color indicates the maximum severity of the events: red means that there are errors, blue is for informational events, etc.

You can list the events of any software component by going to Reports » Devices » [Component Name] » [Component Type] Event sub-tab. To search, sort, or filter event messages, click the small down arrow that appears when hovering over the Event column header. To see additional details about an event, click the [+] button from the first column.

The event’s severity indicates its importance:

MELTDOWN – Meltdown events are generated in severe situations, such as hardware failures
CRITICAL – Critical events are generated when significant software errors occur, such as a memory exhaustion situation
ERROR – Error events are usually caused by misconfigurations, communication errors between components, or even bugs. Sensors auto-recover from errors by restarting themselves
WARNING – Warning events are generated when authentication errors occur, on I/O bottlenecks or when there are time synchronization issues
INFO – Informational events are generated when configurations are changed or when users log in
DEBUG – Debug events are generated only to help troubleshooting or the development process

In Configuration » Schedulers » Event Reporting you can configure the system to send important events periodically by email, Syslog, or SNMP. It is highly recommended to keep events with high severities under surveillance!