2. Traffic Monitoring and IP Accounting with Wansight

Andrisoft Wansight is an award-winning enterprise-grade software which delivers to NOC and IT teams the functionality needed for monitoring the traffic of large WAN networks. Andrisoft Wanguard extends Wansight with advanced anomaly detection and DDoS mitigation capabilities. If these capabilities are also needed, the upgrade to Wanguard can be done by uploading a new license key.

2.1. Key Features & Benefits

FULL NETWORK VISIBILITY – Supports all major IP traffic monitoring technologies: packet sniffing, NetFlow version 5, 7 and 9; sFlow version 4 and 5; IPFIX and SNMP

FAST, SCALABLE & ROBUST – Designed to run on commodity server hardware by leveraging high-speed packet capturing technologies such as DPDK, PF_RING Vanilla, PF_RING ZC and Netmap. Can run as a cluster with its software components distributed across multiple servers

ENTERPRISE-GRADE WEB CONSOLE – Provides consolidated management and reporting through a highly-configurable multi-tenant web portal with customizable dashboards, user roles, and remote authentication

PACKET SNIFFER – Saves packet dumps using a distributed packet sniffer that can be deployed on different network entry points. Displays packet details in a Wireshark-like web interface

FLOW COLLECTOR – Contains a fully-featured NetFlow, sFlow, and IPFIX collector that saves flow data in a compressed format for long term storage. Flows can easily be searched, filtered, sorted, and exported

COMPLEX ANALYTICS – Generates complex reports with aggregated data for hosts, departments, interfaces, applications, ports, protocols, countries, autonomous systems, and more

REAL-TIME REPORTING – Bandwidth graphs are animated and have a short-term accuracy of just 5 seconds

HISTORICAL REPORTING – You can view reports from the last 5 seconds to the last 10 years by selecting any custom time period. Bandwidth histograms contain 95th-percentile values for burstable billing

SCHEDULED REPORTING – Generates PDF and HTML reports and sends them automatically by email to the interested parties at preconfigured intervals of time

COMPLETE REST API – All configurations and collected data can be easily queried and referenced via a fully-featured RESTful API which exposes hundreds of internal parameters, anomaly data, graphs and tops

All configurations are stored in an SQL database that is easy to query, backup and restore.

2.2. Software Components

Wansight Sensor provides in-depth traffic analysis, traffic accounting, and bandwidth monitoring. The collected information enables complex traffic reports with graphs and tops, which help you to instantly pin down the cause of network incidents, understand patterns in application performance and make the right capacity planning decisions.

Wansight Console is a multi-tenant web graphical user interface that functions as the administrative core of the software. It offers single-point management and reporting by consolidating the data from all Wansight Sensors deployed within the network.

For the sake of brevity, Wansight Sensor is hereby referred to as the Sensor, Wanguard Filter as the Filter, and Wanguard Console as the Console.