Changelog for minor software releases

Code Title Date Created Version  
Bugfix-226 Revert to a previous behaviour for some FlowSpec announcements 2018-05-28 7.0-6
Bugfix-482 Fix the display of Event dates in Safari browser 2022-04-14 8.1-12
Bugfix-227 Fix the Sensor Interfaces selector in the Flows Top page 2018-05-28 7.0-7
Feature-483 Sensor Top widget can display a graph with top AS or Country data 2022-04-14 8.1-12
Improvement-228 Automatically adjust the height of the graphs displayed in some dashboard widgets 2018-05-28 7.0-7
Improvement-484 IP Accounting tab/widget shows high values in Terabytes and Petabytes 2022-04-14 8.1-12
Improvement-229 Support for PF_RING 7.2 2018-06-26 7.0-8
Bugfix-485 Fix a bug that prevented the matching of some Flowspec counters 2022-04-26 8.1-13
Feature-230 Support for Ubuntu 18.04 2018-06-26 7.0-8
Improvement-486 Improvements to the Dark Mode theme 2022-04-26 8.1-13
Improvement-231 Support for Netmap from the master branch 2018-06-26 7.0-8
Improvement-487 Increase the timeout of the RADIUS packets used for authentication from 2 seconds to 10 seconds 2022-04-26 8.1-13
Feature-232 New Granularity parameter in the Packet Sensor configuration window that can be used to decrease the anomaly detection time from 5 seconds to 1 2018-06-26 7.0-8
Bugfix-488 Fix a minor display issue in Anomaly reports 2022-04-27 8.1-14
Bugfix-233 Fix a bug in Graphs & Storage Configuration with less than 3 RRAs 2018-06-26 7.0-8
Bugfix-489 Fix the date format shown in BGP Connector Events tab 2022-05-05 8.1-15
Bugfix-235 Better height autodetection for graphs when Legend is set to Full 2018-06-26 7.0-8
Improvement-491 Hide the name of Sensor Interfaces for Guest users without access to Reports » Devices 2022-05-05 8.1-15
Feature-236 New Dynamic Parameters: {anomaly_pps} and {anomaly_bps} 2018-06-26 7.0-8
Bugfix-492 Fix a rare bug that caused Sensor Cluster to report false values from Wansight Sensors 2022-05-05 8.1-15