07 Januar 2019

Release Notes for Wanguard 7.1

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January 07, 2019 - https://www.andrisoft.com - Andrisoft, a world leader in traffic monitoring and DDoS mitigation solutions, announces a new release of the award-winning Wanguard software platform.

Wanguard 7.1 brings the following new features and changes:

  • Packet Filter now supports DPDK 18.11 together with all the DPDK-related features of the Packet Sensor
  • Packet Filter can now use a DPDK-enabled Packet Sensor as Capture Engine, in order to capture and filter packets on the same interface as the Sensor
  • The DPDK Capture Engine was completely reworked and optimized for >40 Gbps / >30 Mpps DDoS detection & mitigation on a single CPU
  • The DPDK Capture Engine provides a new Distributor Mode selector which allows distributing packets to specialized CPU cores using RSS, a custom allocator or a round-robin algorithm
  • The DPDK Capture Engine provides a new Forwarding Mode selector which enables forwarding of packets in a Transparent Bridge mode, or by using IP forwarding
  • The DPDK Capture Engine is optimized for the Intel Broadwell microarchitecture but it is compatible now with any recent Intel CPU microarchitecture post Nehalem
  • Packet Filter includes a new, high-performance stateless firewall named "Dataplane Firewall". The term "Software Firewall" was renamed "Netfilter Firewall" and the term "Hardware Firewall" was renamed "Hardware Offload" to better describe the correct backend
  • A new Route Distinguisher parameter in ExaBGP Connector
  • The Rules Timeout parameter from the Filter configuration window moved to Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Mitigation
  • REST API bug fixes for thresholds and enhancements for managing Response actions
  • Avoid clearing manual announcements with the [Clear] button from BGP Operations
  • Updates to the embedded GeoIP and ASN data
  • PF_RING updated to 7.4
  • Speed boost in generating PDF files
  • Some visual improvements to our favourite theme, Azenis. The changes are visible only after clearing the browser's cache
  • Updated User Guide. The new DPDK configuration is documented in Appendix 6
  • Many other minor improvements

To upgrade from 6.x or 7.0, please follow the instructions listed here.

For more information on Andrisoft Wanguard and its features, please visit https://www.andrisoft.com/software/wanguard.

About Andrisoft

Andrisoft was founded in 2006 with a strong business focus on software development, implementation and support for applications needed by Network Operation Centers. It provides complete solutions for traffic monitoring and accounting, DDoS protection and policy enforcement for IP networks using the scalable, innovative, and high-performing Wanguard software platform.

Wanguard 8.3 was released! Changelog and upgrade instructions at: https://t.co/nDwGNJsmMw.
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