Management Team

Cristian Andries 
Founder & C.T.O.

Simona Ropota
Sales Manager

Company Data

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Support department
Skype account: andrisoft

Romanian H.Q. address
City Business Centre
Str. Coriolan Brediceanu, Nr. 10/D, P.26, 300011 Timisoara,

Czech H.Q. address
Zemedelska 1695/41,
61300 Brno - Cerna Pole,
Czech Republic

Company phones
+40721250246 (10-16 GMT)
+420774343879 (10-16 GMT)

Legal information
E.U. Tax/VAT ID: RO19043975

Andrisoft is a privately-owned company based in Timisoara, Romania, and Brno, Czech Republic, two major Central European centers for software development due to a number of widely-recognized universities in Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics (Romania occupies the 2nd place in Europe as winner of mathematics and informatics contests and the 6th place in the world. Brno hosts the large global support centres for Red Hat, AVG Antivirus, IBM and AT&T).
The company was founded in 2006, and since then has maintained a strong business focus on software development and support for applications needed in Network Operation Centers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create high-quality, affordable software that is easy to use, and employs unique concepts and attitudes. Our ultimate goal is to create solutions that are remarkable and recognizable throughout the networking world.

Our Experience

Though Andrisoft is a relatively small company, we believe this is a strength and not a fault. We have extensive experience supporting very large multi-site national networks for large clients. Time and again, we have demonstrated that we can provide solutions to problems and answers to questions much faster and with a vastly superior degree of coherence and interpersonal consistency than our big-business competitors. There is nothing worse than getting the run-around when dealing with a big company. We believe strongly in creating solutions for our customers that are completely complementary to their exacting requirements.

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