• Default Dashboard
    Default Dashboard
  • Live IP Traffic Statistics
    Live IP Traffic Statistics
  • Traffic Distribution of Applications
    Traffic Distribution of Applications
  • IP Traffic Accounting Report
    IP Traffic Accounting Report
  • NetFlow Collector
    NetFlow Collector
  • NetFlow Analyzer
    NetFlow Analyzer
  • Top Autonomous Systems Report
    Top Autonomous Systems Report
  • Packet Analyzer Web Interface
    Packet Analyzer Web Interface
  • Bandwidth Accounting Report
    Bandwidth Accounting Report
  • Monitor Router Traffic
    Monitor Router Traffic
  • Per ASNs graph incl. 95th percentile
    Per ASNs graph incl. 95th percentile
  • Customer's bandwidth graph
    Customer's bandwidth graph
  • Network Traffic Information
    Network Traffic Information
  • WAN Switch Parameters
    WAN Switch Parameters
  • Packets/s graph with stats & sums
    Packets/s graph with stats & sums
  • Dashboard with the Latest Events
    Dashboard with the Latest Events
  • Dashboard with Live Resources
    Dashboard with Live Resources
  • Google,Yahoo,Facebook traffic
    Google,Yahoo,Facebook traffic

NetFlow, sFlow and Port Mirrored Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Tool

You can try WANSIGHT for 30 days by requesting an evaluation license. WANSIGHT Sensor licenses can be purchased directly from our on-line store.

The answers for several frequently asked questions are listed in the Knowledge Base. If you have questions or requests, don't hesitate to contact us.

WANSIGHT is used by businesses from all over the world for network traffic monitoring, accounting and graphing.

WANSIGHT relies on the Flow Sensor and on the Sniffing Sensor to provide in-depth traffic analysis, traffic accounting and bandwidth monitoring. The collected information enables you to generate complex traffic reports, graphs and top lists, understand patterns in application performance and make the right capacity planning decisions.

It provides a subset of features from WANGUARD, those features not related to DDoS detection and mitigation.

Network Traffic Monitoring

Supports the latest traffic monitoring technologies: 10 Gbps packet sniffing, NetFlow v5, and v9, sFlow, IPFIX, NetStream, jFlow etc.

Real-time Reporting

The fastest solution on the market with an accuracy of just 5 seconds. The high accuracy makes traffic graphs appear animated. 

NetFlow Analyzer

Provides a fully featured NetFlow Analyzer and Collector. Also works with sFlow, jFlow, cFlow, NetStream and IPFIX.

Outstanding Support

Standard Support inquiries sent by email are answered by experienced engineers in 24 hours or less. We can use Skype or TeamViewer.

Fully-featured Web Console

Consolidated management through a single, interactive and configurable web portal with custom Dashboards and user Roles.

Historical Reporting

You view the last half hour to last 10 years Reports, and also select any custom time period. Supports 95th percentile.

Packet Sniffer

A distributed Packet Sniffer can save packet dumps from different parts of your network. Access the dumps from a Wireshark-like web interface.

Contextual Help

Includes a Contextual Help system, an Installation Wizard and a User Manual and Administrator's Guide in PDF format for easy printing.

Complex Analytics

Provides the most complex Reports with aggregated data for hosts, departments, interfaces, applications, ports, protocols etc.

Scheduled Reporting

You can generate Scheduled Reports and email them to you or to your customers at preconfigured intervals of time.

Advanced Configuration

You can fine-tune most parameters, from the accuracy of IP graphs and authentication methods to the data retention intervals. 


The most cost-effective solution on the market! Annual subscriptions include support and free upgrades between major versions.

  WANSIGHT supports the sFlow standards. To learn more about sFlow please visit http://www.sflow.org.


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