Changelog for minor software releases

Código Título Fecha Creacion Version  
Bugfix-467 Bugfix for non-UTF8 interfaces retrieved by Console via SNMP 2022-01-17 8.1-5
Improvement-466 Contextual Help opens an in-app window. To open a new browser window, click the help icon from the in-app window's titlebar 2022-01-12 8.1-4
Bugfix-465 Bugfix for the Dynamic Parameter {filtering_rule_log} 2022-01-12 8.1-4
Bugfix-464 Fix wrong patch version on CentOS 2021-12-27 8.1-3
Bugfix-463 Fix missing wanrepo package on CentOS 2021-12-27 8.1-2
Improvement-462 Support for Debian 11 2021-12-27 8.1-1
Feature-461 Support for Console redundancy and fault tolerant setups 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Improvement-460 InfluxDB is the default graphing engine on new installations 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-459 A new option in ExaBGP Connector for obtaining Flowspec counters from Juniper MX routers 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-458 A new option in ExaBGP/Quagga Connector for checking the health of the BGP peers 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-457 A new Hardware Offload option for filtering packets in hardware with Mellanox NICs 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-456 A faster and more reliable PDF generator backend 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-455 IP Zone data can be imported, exported and transferred between Consoles 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-454 A new Preconditions Policy selector in Response actions which allows changing the way multiple preconditions are validated. Added a few new comparison operators for preconditions 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-453 A new "prefix" data type for Conditional Parameters which can be used to verify subnet membership 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-452 Dashboards can be configured with a default time range 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Improvement-451 Support for PF_RING 8.0 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-450 Updated Netmap to git master from November 2021 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-449 Compatibility with DPDK 21.11. Compatibility with Mellanox ConnectX-4/5/6 when using DPDK. The DPDK Capture Engine requires a separate license on new installations 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Improvement-448 Allow the usage of SYNPROXY when the Netfilter Table is set to "filter" 2021-09-27 8.0-36