02 July 2020

Release Notes for Wanguard 8.0

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July 2, 2020 - https://www.andrisoft.com - Andrisoft, a world leader in traffic monitoring and DDoS mitigation solutions, announces a new release of the award-winning Wanguard software platform.

Wanguard 8.0 brings the following new features and changes:

  • Rewritten UI frontend. Among the benefits:
    • Much better scaling on HiDPI monitors or when zooming in
    • All graphic elements were redesigned and replaced with high resolution versions
    • Five new modern, flat-looking themes, and a new dark theme
    • It is now possible to bookmark and share the URL of views, tabs, anomaly reports, etc.
    • Grid data can be emailed or exported as CSV, HTML or XLSX (Excel 2007+)
    • New DateTime selectors for custom time ranges
    • Console tabs can be rearranged with Drag and Drop
    • Improved support for scrolling and pinch-to-zoom on mobile browsers
    • A lot of small alignment issues are gone
    • Better code maintainability which will lead to faster implementation of new features
  • Free licensing for as many SNMP Sensors as the number of non-SNMP Sensors licensed
  • Multiple Console servers can use a single Influxdb server as backend for storing graph data
  • Improved granularity of IP and Application graphs when using Influxdb
  • Support for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Support for PHP 7.4
  • Support for FRRouting on CentOS 8
  • DPDK updated to 19.11.2
  • Netmap updated to 20.09 (git master from September 2020)
  • PF_RING updated to 7.6
  • Updated AS and GeoIP data
  • Simplified the installation procedure
  • Dropped support for: Myricom Sniffer10G, Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge is still supported), Azenis theme, Accessible theme
  • Many other minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated User Guide (HTML, PDF)

To upgrade from 6.x or 7.x, please follow the instructions listed here.

For more information on Andrisoft Wanguard and its features, please visit https://www.andrisoft.com/software/wanguard.

About Andrisoft

Andrisoft was founded in 2006 with a strong business focus on software development, implementation and support for applications needed by Network Operation Centers. It provides complete solutions for traffic monitoring and accounting, DDoS protection and policy enforcement for IP networks using the scalable, innovative, and high-performing Wanguard software platform.

Wanguard 8.3 was released! Changelog and upgrade instructions at: https://t.co/nDwGNJsmMw.
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