16 August 2013

Release Notes for Wanguard 5.2

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August 16, 2013 - http://www.andrisoft.com - Andrisoft, a developer of advanced traffic monitoring and network protection solutions, today announces the release of the WANGUARD 5.2 software platform.

WANGUARD 5.2 brings the following changes:

  • Full IPv6 support for the Sensors and for the Filter.
  • The Filter now supports all decoders.
  • The Filter supports In-NIC hardware filters present in Intel x520 10Gbps network cards.
  • Extended the Packet Analyzer with auto-stop functions.
  • Console GeoIP support to see the countries of the attackers.
  • The Sniffing Sensor can use native PF_RING functions.
  • Events logs are now also present in many Reports tabs.
  • Added IPv4 and IPv6 mask restrictions to BGP announcements.
  • Graphing IP sweeps can be disabled.
  • Numerical Dynamic Parameters can now be obtained in a shorter form by appending _kilo, _mega, _giga, _prefix (auto).
  • Added new decoders: Flows (Flow Sensor only), SSH, Youtube, NetFlix, Hulu.
  • Redesigned the Configuration Side Area.
  • Right clicking on Reports->Anomalies & Tools directly open Archives.
  • Many bugfixes.

For more information on Andrisoft WANGUARD 5.2 and its features, please visit http://www.andrisoft.com/software/wanguard.

About Andrisoft

Andrisoft was founded early 2006 with a strong business focus on software development, implementation and support of applications needed in Network Operations Centers. Andrisoft provides complete traffic monitoring and accounting, network protection and policy enforcement solutions for IP networks using the scalable, innovative, high performing WANGUARD software platform.

Wanguard 8.3 was released! Changelog and upgrade instructions at: https://t.co/nDwGNJsmMw.
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