01 March 2008

Andrisoft Announces Wanguard Platform 2.0 Software Release

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March 1, 2008 - http://www.andrisoft.com - Andrisoft, a developer of advanced traffic monitoring and network protection software, today announced the visually robust Wanguard Platform 2.0.

Andrisoft Wanguard Platform is an easy to use software that monitors networks via Port Mirroring / Catalyst Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) / Ethernet TAP / Inline Deployment, or Cisco NetFlow / Huawei NetStream and it protects networks by rerouting and by filtering the malicious traffic. Wanguard Platform includes technologies found on Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Firewalls, Network Behavior Analysis, Network Perimeter Security, DDoS protection and traffic monitoring software.

It allows you to quickly and easily set up and run monitoring and filtering server(s) for networks. With just a few mouse clicks you can view:

  • traffic parameters about the data flowing through router interfaces and switch ports (packets/s bits/s, bytes/s, IPs/s, flows/s etc.)
  • MRTG-style traffic graphs and traffic accounting reports for IP addresses or subnets in your network for the selected time-frame
  • real-time network statistics ( top talkers, number of IPs, top protocols, protocols distribution etc. )
  • recordings about the sources and destinations that use bandwidth above the acceptable limits
  • live information about DDoS attacks in your network and filtered malicious traffic
  • per endpoint insightful report analytics and audit trail analysis for the detected traffic anomalies

The recorded data is stored in an internal database for later reference. The recorded monitoring data can be viewed through a rich, Ajax-based (Web 2.0) interface.

Wanguard Platform 2.0 adds major performance improvements and a completely rewritten web console.
For more information on Andrisoft’s Wanguard Platform 2.0 and its features, visit www.andrisoft.com/software.

About Andrisoft

Andrisoft was founded early 2006 with a strong business focus on software development, implementation and support of applications needed in network operation centers. Andrisoft provides complete traffic monitoring and accounting, network protection and policy enforcement solutions for IP networks using the scalable, innovative, high performing Wanguard Platform™. More information about the company can be found at www.andrisoft.com.

Wanguard 8.3 was released! Changelog and upgrade instructions at: https://t.co/nDwGNJsmMw.
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