26. Schedulers » Event Reporting

Events are short text messages that describe errors, warnings, or the change of an operational status. Every Wanguard software component generates events; these are centralized and logged in the Console database. To see a list with recent events, click the small bottom edge of the window to raise the South Region, or press Ctrl+E. You can also list the events generated by each software component by going to Reports » Devices » [Component Name] » [Component Type] Event sub-tab.

In Configuration » Schedulers » Event Reporting you can configure the system to send important events periodically by email, syslog, or SNMP.


Event Report Configuration parameters:
Polling Time – Select how often to forward new events by email, syslog or SNMP
Minimum Severity – Select the minimum severity of the events:
CRITICAL – Critical events are generated when significant software errors occur, such as a memory exhaustion situation
ERROR – Error events are usually caused by misconfigurations, communication errors between components, or even bugs. Sensors auto-recover from some errors by restarting themselves
WARNING – Warning events are generated when authentication errors occur, on I/O bottlenecks or when there are time synchronization issues
INFO – Informational events are generated when configurations are changed or when users log in
DEBUG – Debug events are generated only to help with troubleshooting or the development process
Send Events by Email / to Syslog / as SNMP Traps – Select how to send the events, and configure each section accordingly
Comments – Comments about the current configuration can be saved here. These observations are not visible elsewhere


It is highly recommended to keep the events that have a high severity under surveillance!