35. Reports » Dashboards

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all the relevant data in a single tab? Dashboards allow you to group data from any report according to your needs.

Any dashboard can be configured to refresh all its widgets, flicker-free, at intervals ranging from 5 seconds to 15 minutes.

A few sample dashboards are included by default. If you are a Console administrator or operator you can create and configure your own dashboards by clicking Reports » Dashboards » [+] button from the panel’s title. Guest accounts are not allowed to add or make modifications to dashboards.

In the dashboard configuration, you can edit the name of the dashboard, set permissions, layout, or choose to override the time range of widgets with the time range of the dashboard.

Each dashboard contains widgets. To sort them, click the title bar and move them around. To collapse a widget, click the first icon on the widget title bar. To configure a widget, click the second icon from its title bar. To delete a widget, click the third icon from its title bar.

Along with a few specific fields, every widget has a configurable title and height. Leave the widget’s height parameter set to “Auto” for the widget to take all the vertical space it needs. To restrict the height of a widget, enter a number of pixels instead.

Widget options are self-explanatory or described in other chapters.