6. Software Installation & Licensing

The download link is listed in the email that contains the trial license key. The latest software installation instructions are listed on www.andrisoft.com.

Each trial license key activates all features for 30 days. You can install the trial license key on any number of servers. To switch to a full, registered version, apply a license key purchased from the Andrisoft Store.

6.1. Opening the Console

Wanguard Console provides a web interface and centralized system through which you can control and monitor all the other components. If you have correctly followed the installation instructions, from now on you will only need to log in to Console to manage and monitor servers and software components. SSH access is required only for updating the software.

Open the Console at http://<console_hostname>/wanguard. If the page cannot be displayed, make sure that the Apache webserver is running and that the firewall does not block incoming traffic on port 80 or 443. You can also access it securely via HTTPS if the Apache webserver was configured to serve pages over SSL/TLS.

If you have not licensed the software, you will be asked to do so. Upload the trial.key file emailed to you by clicking the key icon. The license key contains encrypted information about the licensed capabilities of the software. You can replace the license key in Configuration » General Settings » License Manager.

Log in to the Console using the default username/password combination: admin/changeme.

If the Console is installed on a public server, you should immediately change the default password of the “admin” account. To do so, click the Admin menu at the top-right corner of the browser window and select [Change Password]. From the same menu you can change the Console layout and theme.

To understand how to navigate within the Console, go to the Basic Concepts of Wanguard Console chapter.

6.3. Licensing Procedure

When the trial period is over, you may have to purchase as many Sensor and Filter licenses, in the form of annual or multi-annual subscriptions, as the number of Sensors and Filters configured and enabled in Configuration » Components:

✔ You will have to purchase as many Sensor licenses as the number of flow exporters (usually border or edge routers) monitored by Flow Sensors. There is no limit on the number of interfaces a Flow Sensor can monitor
✔ You will have to purchase as many Sensor licenses as the number of interfaces (ports) listened by Packet Sensors. Multiple Packet Sensors listening to the same interface (e.g., when sniffing on a multi-queue NIC) use a single Sensor license. Packet Sensor can monitor an unlimited number of IPs or subnets
✔ If you are using the DPDK Capture Engine in a Packet Sensor or Packet Filter, you may have to purchase a DPDK license for it
✔ Licensing is free for as many SNMP Sensors as the number of licensed non-SNMP Sensors
✔ You can mix Wanguard Sensor licenses with Wansight Sensor licenses
✔ You will need as many Wanguard Filter licenses as the number of Filters enabled in Configuration » Components. A single Packet Filter can clean the traffic received from multiple parts of the network, but it can listen to a single interface (Ethernet port). Multiple Flow Sensors can use a single Flow Filter. Wanguard Filter can’t run standalone without a Wanguard Sensor
✔ Sensor Cluster and Filter Cluster do not require licensing
✔ Console does not require licensing

You can distribute the licensed Sensors and Filters on any number of servers without additional licensing costs. The license key must contain the hardware keys listed under Configuration » General Settings » License Manager » Requirements. The hardware key is bound to the hardware, active NIC, IP, and hostname.

The minimum licensing period is 12 months. The maximum licensing period is 48 months.