20 October 2012

Detailed Changelog for Wanguard 5.0

Tags: Announcements


  • A completely new Flow Collector interface. It allows easy navigation into flow data and provides powerful statistics and summaries
  • A brand new Packet Analyzer. You can now capture packets using just a few clicks and then view the dumps in detail in a wireshark-like web interface
  • A new Configuration Wizard 
  • A new License Manager available for Administrators. It's flexible, allows rebranding and customisations
  • Users can change their passwords, Themes and Side Region position
  • Combined Reports for IPs, IP Groups and Sensors
  • Two new separate Dashboards for IP Reports and Sensor Reports
  • Most Reports can be sent by Email
  • Sensor graphs can be summed
  • Added lots of new Sensor graphs: average packet size, CPU%, RAM, no. of IP graphs, no. of IP Accounting records etc. 
  • Easier IP Zone configuration that can be listed
  • Dashboard permissions
  • Dashboard widget hierarchy
  • A new HTML widget for Dashboards
  • Custom fields for Live Sensor Stats Widget
  • ASN graph widget
  • Unified panels in an intuitive manner 
  • Bookmarks lets you save frequently used, manually entered data 
  • A new "Quick Search" button with full Reports functionality
  • Live & archived tops by "IP Group" and "IP version"
  • Perpetual sessions
  • Over 100 other smaller enhancements 


  • Supports configurable traffic decoders everywhere: stats, tops, graphs, accounting
  • Flow engine rewrite. Now supports NetFlow v9, IPFIX and native sFlow
  • Flows can be collected in an efficient binary format
  • Flow Sensor consumes less RAM 
  • Flow Sensor supports "Mixed" traffic interfaces
  • Flow Sensor supports multiple time-zones
  • Flow Sensor restarts itself gracefully if it doesn't receive flows for a long time
  • 32bit AS numbers support
  • Sniffing Sensor adds a new Traffic Capturing framework. Supports full captures, file rotations and advanced sampling 
  • Protocols distribution generator takes into account the traffic's direction
  • The number of top items is configurable
  • Compatible with the new Server-based configuration


  • Compatible with the new thresholds system
  • Compatible with the new Server-based configuration 


  • Introducing A.T.L.A.S. - Andrisoft's Threat Level Analysis System that enables managed security services and remote NOC supervision
  • Console shows live attacks in much more detail and includes additional actions: add a comment, withdraw BGP announcement, generate a Report
  • Detailed Anomaly Reports. Can be sent automatically by email
  • Decoder-based thresholds 
  • Prediction-based thresholds
  • Percentage-based thresholds
  • Minimum thresholds
  • Non-inheritable thresholds
  • Per subnet thresholds
  • Each threshold rule can have it's own Response
  • Anomalies Overview Report 
  • BGP announcements grouping by Router or IP/Mask
  • Configurable BGP announcements timeouts
  • Customisable Anomalies expiration time
  • Added a link severity parameter
  • Severity bar is coloured to indicate the link's severity
Wanguard 8.3 was released! Changelog and upgrade instructions at: https://t.co/nDwGNJsmMw.
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