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Your company logo and other rebranding options

White-labeling is disabled by default. It can only be enabled by applying a special license key, which must be purchased.
To obtain a quote for this non-free feature, please make an inquiry at sales andrisoft.com.
The Terms of Use forbids modifications of the Wanguard / Wansight Console without Andrisoft's prior approval.

Technical requirements:
• A Console login logo of 256x150 pixels saved as /opt/andrisoft/webroot/img/rebranding.png
• A Console header logo, 35 pixels high, suitable to be displayed on a dark background, saved as /opt/andrisoft/webroot/img/header_rebranding.png
• A favicon.ico file saved as /opt/andrisoft/webroot/img/rebranding.ico
• An alternate name for the Console (optional)

Andrisoft Team
Date Created
2014-01-22 12:31:42
Date Updated
2024-01-27 12:34:46