Console Rebranding

$2,000.00 each
You can modify the logo, the name of the Console and even references to Andrisoft by purchasing the white-labeling service. Without Andrisoft's prior approval the Terms of Use forbid modifications of Wanguard Console and Wansight Console!

Additional information needed after purchasing the white-labeling service:
A Console login logo of 256x150 pixels in PNG format
A Console header logo in PNG format, 35 pixels high, suitable to be displayed on a dark background
A favicon.ico file
An alternate name for the Console (optional)
Other rebranding requirements

Rebranding period: Price
1 year $2,000.00 each
2 years (5% off) $3,800.00 each
3 years (10% off) $5,400.00 each
4 years (15% off) $6,800.00 each
Wanguard 6.3 was released! Changelog and upgrading instructions on
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