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Subscription-based licenses activate the software for 12 months, and entitles you to receive free technical support and software updates including major version upgrades during the whole period.

We offer volume discounts up to 80% from the 5th Sensor, while qualified non-profit and educational organizations are granted a 30% discount. We also offer referrer discounts when we are recommended through websites, blog posts or mailing lists. Please contact a Sales representative for details.

The prices are listed in US$. We accept payments in € from companies located within the European Union.


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Standard Support Terms

  •  Software Maintenance. Updates including major version releases of the software that Andrisoft makes generally available to its licensees.
  •  You are entitled to receive remote support during designated coverage hours via e-mail, Skype, or the Web.
  •  You can re-request your license key for free at any time.