Pricing scheme

Sensor Licensing
You must purchase as many Wanguard Sensor licenses (or the more affordable Wansight Sensor licenses if DDoS detection or mitigation is not needed) as the number of Packet Sensors and Flow Sensors configured and activated in the web interface.
  • Each Flow Sensor can monitor a single flow exporter - usually a border or edge router. Flow Sensor does not have a limit on the number of interfaces it can monitor.
  • Each Packet Sensor usually listens to a single network interface. Multiple Packet Sensors listening to the same interface (e.g., multi-queue NIC) consume a single Sensor license. Packet Sensor can monitor an unlimited number of IPs/domains. If you are using the DPDK Capture Engine with Packet Sensor, you will have to purchase a separate DPDK license for it.

Filter Licensing
You must also purchase as many Wanguard Filter licenses as the number of Filters (Packet Filters or Flow Filters) that you are going to configure and activate in the web interface. Each Filter can monitor and apply filtering rules on a single network interface, except when using DPDK. If you are using the DPDK Capture Engine with Packet Filter, you will have to purchase a separate DPDK license for it. A Wanguard Filter license does not include a Wanguard Sensor license.

Console Licensing
Console is free and it does not require a license.

Cluster Licensing
Sensor Cluster and Filter Cluster are free and do not require a license.

Server Licensing
You can distribute the licensed Sensors and Filters on several servers. The registration of each server that runs the software is required, but there is no cost per server.

Licensing Period
The minimum software licensing period is 12 months. You can purchase licenses for up to 4 years in advance. We sell perpetual licenses only in special cases (for our own hardware, OEM deals, etc.). The subscription-based licensing model has these advantages over the perpetual licensing model:
  • It lowers the initial cost. For the long term, it is also more cost-effective than a perpetual license plus the annual support costs.
  • It includes standard support for the whole period of the subscription.
  • It is an incentive to keep adding the features that you need.
  • It is an incentive to provide you with the best support.

Licensing Limitations
The software does not support separate expiration dates for multiple Sensor and Filter licenses. To avoid losing licensing days we merge the expiration dates for components not purchased at the same date by calculating the average date while considering the number of licenses, in a fair manner.
Eg. If you have a Sensor license expiring in 6 months and you buy another Sensor license for 12 months, you will not have different expiration dates for the 2 Sensors. Instead, you will have a single license key for 2 Sensors valid for 9 months.

Andrisoft Team
Date Created
2013-09-11 07:01:10
Date Updated
2023-08-30 13:56:36