Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-159 6.3-1 Increase the maximum number of custom decoders to 200+ 2017-07-31
Improvement-167 6.3-4 [Expire Anomalies] button moved from Reports->Anomalies->Anomaly Archive to Reports->Anomalies->Active Anomalies 2017-09-19
Improvement-229 7.0-8 Support for PF_RING 7.2 2018-06-26
Bugfix-319 7.2-8 Fix a summarization issue on AS and Country graphs when using Influxdb 2019-11-05
Feature-415 8.0-27 Redesign of the Outgoing Email Settings window and a new option in the Mailer list that restricts users from sending email reports 2021-02-15
Improvement-416 8.0-27 Minor aesthetic improvements 2021-02-15
Bugfix-467 8.1-5 Bugfix for non-UTF8 interfaces retrieved by Console via SNMP 2022-01-17
Improvement-499 8.1-17 Increase the number of options for Delay Reporting in Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Detection 2022-06-19
Improvement-548 8.2-17 The Threshold Templates combo from IP Zone Configuration has a consistent sorting with the rest of the application 2023-10-16
Bugfix-553 8.2-19 Fix the legend of country graphs obtained via the REST API 2023-10-21
Feature-554 8.2-19 A new output option for high-DPI PNG images for the graphs obtained via the REST API 2023-10-21
Bugfix-556 8.2-19 Fix an auto-restart issue with Flow Sensors configured for sFlow 2023-10-21
Improvement-558 8.2-20 Improve the anomaly detection time for flow exporters that send flows with zero duration 2023-11-12
Improvement-559 8.2-20 Implement a 90s timeout when sending notification emails via Responses because the {attacker_isp} dynamic parameter might hang when the whois data is incorrect 2023-11-12
Improvement-560 8.2-20 Improved the compatibility of the Health Checker feature with the latest FRR versions 2023-11-12
Bugfix-566 8.3-2 Fix a very rare bug where the reporting of CPU% used by certain Flow Sensors was > 100% 2024-01-06
Improvement-597 8.3-15 Add a new CLI output option in the REST API, in /wanguard-api/v1/flow_records and /wanguard-api/v1/flow_tops, to see the CLI command for fetching data 2024-05-28
Feature-601 8.3-15 Initial support for a new BGP Connector compatible with GoBGP 2024-05-28
Bugfix-1 5.3 Buggy TTL-based filtering rules set by the Filter 2014-02-06
Bugfix-2 5.3+ No information on Live IP Accounting Widget 2014-02-16