Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-22 6.0-31 Whitelisting rules are applied by the software firewall 2015-04-17
Bugfix-23 6.0-31 Console cannot send emails to multiple TO, CC or BCC addresses 2015-04-17
Bugfix-24 6.0-33 Fix manual expiration of firewall rules and a SW Filtering bug introduced in 6.0-32 2015-04-19
Bugfix-25 6.0-34 The Software Firewall does not work when the Sniffing Interface is set to Outbound. Revert to default 2015-04-24
Bugfix-26 6.0-37 Packet Sensor and Packe Filter do not analyze IPv6 packets with VLAN tags 2015-05-25
Bugfix-27 6.0-37 Rare SQL error event generated by the Filter 2015-05-25
Request-28 6.0.38 Whitelisting rules are not applied by the software firewall anymore 2015-07-13
Bugfix-29 6.0-42 ASN graphs doubled on interfaces with Top set to Full 2015-07-29
Bugfix-30 6.0-42 Filtering rules generated by Filter Clusters not correct in some cases for TTL values 2015-07-29
Improvement-31 6.0-46 Configuration -> General Settings -> Software Updates shows current and latest version 2015-07-29
Bugfix-32 6.0-44 Packet Tracers not working with Myricom Sniffer10G 2015-08-07
Bugfix-33 6.0-44 Packet Filters not capturing IPv6 traffic on few decoders 2015-08-07
Bugfix-34 6.0-46 Radius authentication using CHAP does not work 2015-08-08
Bugfix-35 6.0-47 Software firewall does not apply filtering rules when there are >100.000 attacks 2015-08-31
Bugfix-36 6.0-48 Radius Authentication error 2015-09-12
Bugfix-37 6.0-48 Sensor Clusters not working with Wansight 2015-09-15
Bugfix-38 6.0-49 Whitelisted filtering rules did not work for IPv6 2015-09-18
Improvement-39 6.0-50 Debian 8 Jessie compatibility 2015-09-23
Bugfix-40 6.0-51 Flow Sensor does not strip few special characters from interface descriptions 2015-10-05
Bugfix-41 6.0-52 Flow Sensor miscalculates bits/s value for flows exceeding 4.3 Gbps 2015-10-09