Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Feature-208 7.0-0 New graphs in Anomaly Overview for the total number of anomalies, Filters, filtering rules or BGP announcements per hour/day/week/month/year 2018-03-17
Feature-209 7.0-0 Sensor and IP graphs can display bytes/day, bytes/week, bytes/month when Consolidation is set to AVERAGE, rrdtool is at least at version 1.5.4, and the time frame is big enough 2018-03-17
Feature-210 7.0-0 In Response Configuration you can inspect logs which show the executed actions and validated or invalidated preconditions 2018-03-17
Improvement-211 7.0-0 The built-in dashboards were redesigned to contain more relevant information 2018-03-17
Feature-212 7.0-0 New Console themes: Flat and Black. For a better visibility on NOC screens the background of graphs is black when the Black theme is selected 2018-03-17
Feature-213 7.0-0 New report in Reports » Tools » Filtering Rules » Filtering Rule Distribution 2018-03-17
Feature-214 7.0-0 New report in Reports » Tools » Anomalies » Anomaly Distribution 2018-03-17
Feature-215 7.0-0 Reports and dashboard widgets can display pie, donut and gauge charts 2018-03-17
Feature-216 7.0-0 Initial support in Packet Sensor for DPDK. With DPDK, Packet Sensor is able to inspect and forward packets between couples of 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps or 100 Gbps ports 2018-03-17
Bugfix-217 7.0-1 Fix ExaBGP Connector error introduced in 7.0-0 2018-03-17
Bugfix-218 7.0-2 Fix Packet Tracers selector 2018-03-20
Bugfix-219 7.0-2 Fix possible crash in Packet Sensor when DPDK is used 2018-03-20
Bugfix-220 7.0-3 Fix a bug in the World Clock window introduced in 7.0-1 2018-03-22
Bugfix-221 7.0-4 Fix adding Flow Sensor interfaces via the REST API 2018-04-03
Bugfix-222 7.0-4 Fix a bug with the ExaBGP Connector on newly installed Wanguard 7.0 2018-04-03
Bugfix-223 7.0-4 Fix a display bug when viewing precondition logs 2018-04-03
Bugfix-224 7.0-4 Fix a display bug in the IP Accounting widget 2018-04-03
Bugfix-225 7.0-5 Improved IP accounting widget 2018-04-11
Bugfix-226 7.0-6 Revert to a previous behaviour for some FlowSpec announcements 2018-05-28
Bugfix-227 7.0-7 Fix the Sensor Interfaces selector in the Flows Top page 2018-05-28