Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Feature-309 7.2-0 Add support for storing graph data in InfluxDB 2019-09-05
Bugfix-310 7.2-1 Fix the linkage of libnl on CentOS 7 2019-09-05
Improvement-311 7.2-2 Minor improvement in graph rendering 2019-09-06
Bugfix-312 7.2-3 Revert to Netmap v12 2019-09-17
Bugfix-313 7.2-4 Fix sending manually BGP announcements with PHP 7.3 2019-09-20
Feature-314 7.2-5 Enables the Use Per-IP Data option when using InfluxDB 2019-09-30
Bugfix-315 7.2-5 Fix showing graphs for some IP groups when using InfluxDB 2019-09-30
Improvement-316 7.2-6 In Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Mitigation, the Filtering Rule "Source IP" renamed "IP Address" 2019-10-14
Feature-317 7.2-7 Fix build issue on Debian 10 2019-10-14
Feature-318 7.2-6 IP Blacklist data sources can also use HTTPS 2019-10-14
Bugfix-319 7.2-8 Fix a summarization issue on AS and Country graphs when using Influxdb 2019-11-05
Improvement-320 7.2-8 Add other influxdb configuration requirements in the User Guide 2019-11-05
Improvement-321 7.2-8 Fix the detection of filtering rules for countries and payloads 2019-11-05
Bugfix-322 7.2-9 Fix a minor building issue introduced in 7.2-8 2019-11-05
Bugfix-323 7.2-10 Fix a rare issue that can cause graphs for to show huge values when using Influxdb 2019-11-17
Bugfix-324 7.2-10 Fix an Influxdb issue with IP group graphs 2019-11-17
Feature-326 7.2-11 CentOS 8 compatibility 2019-12-01
Feature-327 7.2-12 Enhance the API to support modifying the Associated Sensors used by Sensor Clusters 2020-01-07
Bugfix-328 7.2-12 Fix a small rendering issue with Whitelist windows on Safari/Mac 2020-01-07
Bugfix-329 7.2-13 Fix an incompatibility of Row Filtering Expressions with PHP 5.6+ 2020-01-07