Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-412 8.0-26 Fix some small display issues introduced in 8.0-25 2021-01-29
Improvement-413 8.0-27 Fix an issue with hashlimit on newer kernels 2021-02-15
Bugfix-414 8.0-27 Fix a minor display issue when listing IP Zone records 2021-02-15
Feature-415 8.0-27 Redesign of the Outgoing Email Settings window and a new option in the Mailer list that restricts users from sending email reports 2021-02-15
Improvement-416 8.0-27 Minor aesthetic improvements 2021-02-15
Improvement-417 8.0-27 Better upgrades between patches without Sensors being disabled in the process 2021-02-15
Bugfix-418 8.0-28 Fix an upgrade issue on Ubuntu 18 2021-02-15
Improvement-419 8.0-29 WANmaintenance backup_db now saves the resulting sql file in the current directory 2021-02-23
Bugfix-420 8.0-30 Fix an sFlow parsing issue caused by sflowtool 2021-03-15
Improvement-421 8.0-30 Updated geoip database 2021-03-15
Improvement-422 8.0-30 Initial support for Innodb. Only the Influxdb Graphing Storage Engine is compatible with it, RRD will not work 2021-03-15
Feature-423 8.0-31 Improved support for Innodb 2021-03-21
Improvement-424 8.0-31 Improve the ordering of subnets in IP Zone trees 2021-03-21
Bugfix-425 8.0-31 Fix for an IP Accounting bug which generated wrong TOTAL values when the Unit was set to Bytes 2021-03-21
Bugfix-426 8.0-32 Small display fix for Anomaly Reports in PDF 2021-03-29
Bugfix-427 8.0-32 Anomalies detected by the FRAGMENT decoder didn't generate filtering rules for TCP/UDP ports with is-fragment in ExaBGP 2021-03-29
Improvement-428 8.0-33 AS and Country graphs have a better granularity for 1 day and 7 day timeframes 2021-08-03
Improvement-429 8.0-33 The "Flow Delay" value detected by the Flow Sensor is more accurate 2021-08-03
Bugfix-430 8.0-33 Fix the Flowspec announcement for some filtering rules detected by the FRAGMENT decoder 2021-08-03
Bugfix-431 8.0-33 Fix the notifications sent by Responses in some cases 2021-08-03