Changelog for minor software releases

Code Title Date Created Version  
Bugfix-432 Fix a rare IP Zone display issue on some subnets with inherited values 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Bugfix-433 Fix a hashlimit-htable-size error of the Filter 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Feature-434 When Console cannot connect to MySQL it will return HTTP Code 500 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Feature-435 When Flowspec is used, a new dedicated button will be available in Reports » Tools » Routing » Active BGP Announcements which allows sending manual Flowspec routing updates 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Feature-436 A new option in the Stats Engine of Packet Sensor which allows limiting the number of tracked source IPs 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Improvement-437 Increase the timeout of Console php scripts from 30 seconds to 120 seconds 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Bugfix-438 Fix a PHP 7.0 (or older) issue introduced in 8.0-33 2021-08-07 8.0-34
Feature-440 A new option that allows exporting IP Zone data to CSV 2021-09-10 8.0-35
Improvement-441 The default Polling Interval for SNMP Sensor changed to 1 minute 2021-09-10 8.0-35
Bugfix-442 Fix SNMP polling by the SNMP Sensor of IPv6-only devices 2021-09-10 8.0-35
Improvement-443 Improve the listing of some Precondition Logs 2021-09-10 8.0-35
Bugfix-444 Fix the "Flow exporter's clock desynchronized 1 seconds in the future" warning that appeared in 8.0-34 on a few flow exporters 2021-09-10 8.0-35
Bugfix-445 Fix a Console rendering issue with the latest Safari 2021-09-27 8.0-36
Feature-446 A new Interface Discovery option in SNMP Sensor Configuration which allows importing the interfaces defined for a Flow Sensor 2021-09-27 8.0-36
Feature-447 Extend the Data Retention Settings with the possibility to set a Retention Policy for influxdb and to view the disk space used by flows, packets and influxdb graphs 2021-09-27 8.0-36
Improvement-448 Allow the usage of SYNPROXY when the Netfilter Table is set to "filter" 2021-09-27 8.0-36
Feature-449 Compatibility with DPDK 21.11. Compatibility with Mellanox ConnectX-4/5/6 when using DPDK. The DPDK Capture Engine requires a separate license on new installations 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-450 Updated Netmap to git master from November 2021 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Improvement-451 Support for PF_RING 8.0 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Feature-452 Dashboards can be configured with a default time range 2021-12-27 8.1-0