Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-534 8.2-12 Fix a graph background-related bug present in anomaly reports when using classic themes 2023-06-03
Feature-535 8.2-12 Add support for VRF Instances in ExaBGP Configuration » Flowspec Counters 2023-06-03
Improvement-536 8.2-12 Permit additional syntaxes in IP Zone » Add Prefixes » Extract from BGP 2023-06-03
Improvement-537 8.2-12 Change the name of the Flows Timeout (s) field from the Flow Sensor configuration window to Long Flows Timeout 2023-06-03
Improvement-538 8.2-13 Improvements in Subnet Calculator 2023-07-30
Bugfix-539 8.2-13 Fix a bug that affected the Dynamic Parameter {filtering_rule_log_*} 2023-07-30
Bugfix-541 8.2-13 Fix the opening of some Packet Dumps from Filtering Rule Archive 2023-07-30
Improvement-542 8.2-14 Accept G(bytes) in the Byte rate-limiting field from Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Mitigation 2023-08-31
Bugfix-543 8.2-14 Fix the GET /wanguard-api/v1/sensor_tops REST API call when retrieving tops for Sensor Clusters 2023-08-31
Improvement-544 8.2-15 A new Interface Type option in the Sniffing Interface Options window used for identifying GRE interfaces 2023-09-25
Improvement-545 8.2-16 Fix a scalability issue that affected Sensor Clusters used with Flow Filters 2023-09-25
Improvement-546 8.2-16 Implement a new Dynamic Parameter called {sensor_name} 2023-09-25
Improvement-547 8.2-17 For consistency reasons, the flow listings now show by default bits instead of bytes. A new option to show bytes is also provided 2023-10-16
Improvement-548 8.2-17 The Threshold Templates combo from IP Zone Configuration has a consistent sorting with the rest of the application 2023-10-16
Bugfix-549 8.2-18 Fix an issue with flowspec redirects for decoders that contain tcp-flags 2023-10-17
Bugfix-550 8.2-19 Fix an extra blank space on the legend of country graphs 2023-10-21
Bugfix-551 8.2-19 Show information about 95th percentile when using the REST API 2023-10-21
Bugfix-552 8.2-19 Fix the option to show bytes/s instead of bits/s in IP graphs generated from influxdb data 2023-10-21
Bugfix-553 8.2-19 Fix the legend of country graphs obtained via the REST API 2023-10-21
Feature-554 8.2-19 A new output option for high-DPI PNG images for the graphs obtained via the REST API 2023-10-21