Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-575 8.3-7 Fix showing Anomaly Graphs by Sensor Clusters that have Anomaly Detection set to Aggregated and IP Graphing set to Not Aggregated 2024-03-01
Feature-576 8.3-7 Add a new POST call in REST API that allows adding BGP Connectors 2024-03-01
Bugfix-577 8.3-8 Fix a DPDK build error introduced in 8.3-7 2024-03-04
Bugfix-578 8.3-8 Fix showing non-utf8 interface listings on Flow Sensor and SNMP Sensor 2024-03-04
Improvement-579 8.3-9 Increase the number of interfaces that can be added to an IP Group report from Scheduled Reports 2024-03-17
Bugfix-580 8.3-9 Fix the outbound bps reporting of the last decoder by Flow Sensor 2024-03-17
Improvement-581 8.3-9 Improve the REST API call GET /wanguard-api/v1/bgp_connectors/{bgp_connector_id} 2024-03-17
Improvement-582 8.3-9 Allow using multiple BGP Neighbors in the ExaBGP Connector when using Flowspec 2024-03-17
Bugfix-583 8.3-10 Fix black background on some graphs generated with rrdtool 2024-03-18
Bugfix-584 8.3-10 Fix a flow parsing issue introduced in 8.3-9 2024-03-18
Bugfix-585 8.3-11 Fix a bogus message generated by SNMP Sensor 2024-03-21
Feature-586 8.3-12 Support for using regular expressions in Preconditions 2024-03-25
Improvement-587 8.3-12 New Flow Sensor graphs (Interface Packets and Interface Bits) that are useful for troubleshooting 2024-03-25
Bugfix-588 8.3-13 Fix an IP Group permission issue on anomaly and filtering rule widgets 2024-03-31
Improvement-589 8.3-13 Sort Threshold Templates alphabetically in IP Zone 2024-03-31
Feature-590 8.3-13 Add a new REST API call for deleting BGP Connectors 2024-03-31
Feature-591 8.3-14 HTML Content widget can now show the output of a custom PHP script 2024-04-11
Feature-592 8.3-14 A new Sensor graph that shows the Flow Export time distribution 2024-04-11
Improvement-593 8.3-14 Improve the deduplication of decoders 2024-04-11
Improvement-594 8.3-14 Optimize the updating of counters for whitelist rules applied with Netfilter 2024-04-11