Changelog for minor software releases

Code Title Date Created Version  
Improvement-496 Add the Extended option to the Graph Legend field of the IP Group Graph widget 2022-06-19 8.1-17
Improvement-494 Prevent the {attacker_isp} dynamic parameter from returning IANA emails for private subnets 2022-06-19 8.1-17
Bugfix-497 Fix a parsing issue while interpreting exabgpcli output for the Health Checker option in ExaBGP Configuration window 2022-06-19 8.1-17
Bugfix-498 Hide the Batch Actions selector for Guest users without Anomaly Actions privileges 2022-06-19 8.1-17
Improvement-500 Increase the maximum number of interfaces that could be monitored by Flow Sensor 2022-06-19 8.1-17
Improvement-499 Increase the number of options for Delay Reporting in Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Detection 2022-06-19 8.1-17
Bugfix-495 Fix a visibility problem for guest users with restricted access to IP groups containing IPv6 subnets 2022-06-19 8.1-17
Bugfix-493 Fix a display issue in the Dark Mode theme 2022-05-08 8.1-16
Bugfix-492 Fix a rare bug that caused Sensor Cluster to report false values from Wansight Sensors 2022-05-05 8.1-15
Bugfix-489 Fix the date format shown in BGP Connector Events tab 2022-05-05 8.1-15
Improvement-491 Hide the name of Sensor Interfaces for Guest users without access to Reports » Devices 2022-05-05 8.1-15
Bugfix-488 Fix a minor display issue in Anomaly reports 2022-04-27 8.1-14
Improvement-487 Increase the timeout of the RADIUS packets used for authentication from 2 seconds to 10 seconds 2022-04-26 8.1-13
Improvement-486 Improvements to the Dark Mode theme 2022-04-26 8.1-13
Bugfix-485 Fix a bug that prevented the matching of some Flowspec counters 2022-04-26 8.1-13
Improvement-484 IP Accounting tab/widget shows high values in Terabytes and Petabytes 2022-04-14 8.1-12
Feature-483 Sensor Top widget can display a graph with top AS or Country data 2022-04-14 8.1-12
Bugfix-482 Fix the display of Event dates in Safari browser 2022-04-14 8.1-12
Bugfix-481 Fixed a memory leak in the DPDK Capture Engine when used by Packet Filter 2022-03-31 8.1-11
Improvement-480 Added a Port parameter to the Flowspec Counters Options window 2022-03-31 8.1-11