Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-30 6.0-42 Filtering rules generated by Filter Clusters not correct in some cases for TTL values 2015-07-29
Bugfix-29 6.0-42 ASN graphs doubled on interfaces with Top set to Full 2015-07-29
Request-28 6.0.38 Whitelisting rules are not applied by the software firewall anymore 2015-07-13
Bugfix-27 6.0-37 Rare SQL error event generated by the Filter 2015-05-25
Bugfix-26 6.0-37 Packet Sensor and Packe Filter do not analyze IPv6 packets with VLAN tags 2015-05-25
Bugfix-25 6.0-34 The Software Firewall does not work when the Sniffing Interface is set to Outbound. Revert to default 2015-04-24
Bugfix-24 6.0-33 Fix manual expiration of firewall rules and a SW Filtering bug introduced in 6.0-32 2015-04-19
Bugfix-23 6.0-31 Console cannot send emails to multiple TO, CC or BCC addresses 2015-04-17
Improvement-22 6.0-31 Whitelisting rules are applied by the software firewall 2015-04-17
Bugfix-21 6.0-31 Packet Traces do not show the total number of captured packets in CentOS 6 and possibly other older distributions 2015-04-10
Improvement-20 6.0-31 Console allows users to send duplicate BGP announcements as they may have different expiration times 2015-04-09
Improvement-19 6.0-31 Filter generates iptables rules in the raw table, not filter table, for an improved packet filtering performance 2015-04-09
Bugfix-18 6.0-31 Rare SQL error that prevents the SNMP Sensor from starting 2015-04-09
Bugfix-16 6.0-29 Flow Sensor crash when its RAM consumption reaches 2GB 2015-03-28
Bugfix-15 6.0-27 Fix WANsupervisor crash immediately after starting up, in rare conditions 2015-03-26
Improvement-14 6.0-24 Configuration -> General Settings -> Software Updates showing bugfix releases not only major updates 2015-03-16
Bugfix-13 6.0-24 Packet Tracer corrupting trace files on rare ocasions 2015-03-16
Bugfix-12 6.0-24 Packet Sensor not generating Application Graphs on rare ocasions 2015-03-16
Bugfix-11 6.0-23 Sensor crashes on Responses with the Dynamic Parameter {filter_id} {filter} {filter_group} {filter_type} 2015-03-13
Bugfix-10 6.0.21 Live Filtering Rules Widget not displaying only live filtering rules 2015-03-10