Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-419 8.0-29 WANmaintenance backup_db now saves the resulting sql file in the current directory 2021-02-23
Bugfix-418 8.0-28 Fix an upgrade issue on Ubuntu 18 2021-02-15
Improvement-417 8.0-27 Better upgrades between patches without Sensors being disabled in the process 2021-02-15
Improvement-416 8.0-27 Minor aesthetic improvements 2021-02-15
Feature-415 8.0-27 Redesign of the Outgoing Email Settings window and a new option in the Mailer list that restricts users from sending email reports 2021-02-15
Bugfix-414 8.0-27 Fix a minor display issue when listing IP Zone records 2021-02-15
Improvement-413 8.0-27 Fix an issue with hashlimit on newer kernels 2021-02-15
Bugfix-412 8.0-26 Fix some small display issues introduced in 8.0-25 2021-01-29
Bugfix-411 8.0-25 Fix for a sound notification bug 2021-01-18
Improvement-410 8.0-25 Many small aesthetic changes 2021-01-18
Improvement-409 8.0-25 The DNS resolver is now disabled by default to speed up the listing of flows 2021-01-18
Improvement-408 8.0-24 Fix for "lost connection to sql server" errors in some cases 2021-01-08
Request-406 8.0-24 Updated PF_RING to version 7.8 to fix a PF_RING 7.6 bug that caused only a single channel to be used 2021-01-08
Feature-407 8.0-24 Redesign of Reports -> Tools -> Flows. It now possible to see the hostname and country of each IP address, and more display options are available. 2021-01-08
Improvement-403 8.0-23 Increase the number of characters allowed to define BPF and Flow Filtering Expressions in Custom Decoders 2020-12-06
Improvement-404 8.0-23 Redesign of the bookmark & help window 2020-12-06
Improvement-405 8.0-23 Subtle improvements in a few themes 2020-12-06
Improvement-402 8.0-23 Improvements in Reports -> Tools -> Flows listings 2020-12-06
Feature-400 8.0-22 New REST API call for performing batch actions to active BGP announcements 2020-11-25
Feature-401 8.0-22 New option in Sensor Gauge widget to display average usage values 2020-11-25