Changelog for minor software releases

Code Title Date Created Version  
Improvement-417 Better upgrades between patches without Sensors being disabled in the process 2021-02-15 8.0-27
Improvement-419 WANmaintenance backup_db now saves the resulting sql file in the current directory 2021-02-23 8.0-29
Improvement-421 Updated geoip database 2021-03-15 8.0-30
Improvement-422 Initial support for Innodb. Only the Influxdb Graphing Storage Engine is compatible with it, RRD will not work 2021-03-15 8.0-30
Improvement-424 Improve the ordering of subnets in IP Zone trees 2021-03-21 8.0-31
Improvement-428 AS and Country graphs have a better granularity for 1 day and 7 day timeframes 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Improvement-429 The "Flow Delay" value detected by the Flow Sensor is more accurate 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Improvement-437 Increase the timeout of Console php scripts from 30 seconds to 120 seconds 2021-08-03 8.0-33
Improvement-441 The default Polling Interval for SNMP Sensor changed to 1 minute 2021-09-10 8.0-35
Improvement-443 Improve the listing of some Precondition Logs 2021-09-10 8.0-35
Improvement-448 Allow the usage of SYNPROXY when the Netfilter Table is set to "filter" 2021-09-27 8.0-36
Improvement-451 Support for PF_RING 8.0 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Improvement-460 InfluxDB is the default graphing engine on new installations 2021-12-27 8.1-0
Improvement-462 Support for Debian 11 2021-12-27 8.1-1
Improvement-466 Contextual Help opens an in-app window. To open a new browser window, click the help icon from the in-app window's titlebar 2022-01-12 8.1-4
Improvement-473 Add -w flag to iptables to avoid filtering rules not being applied when other software is blocking Netfilter 2022-02-28 8.1-8
Improvement-474 Show 95th percentile when using InfluxDB and Consolidation is set to MAXIMUM 2022-03-09 8.1-9
Improvement-476 Improve the Countries field shown when creating Netfilter firewall rules manually 2022-03-22 8.1-10
Improvement-478 Subtle improvements to the Classic Blue and Classic Gray themes 2022-03-22 8.1-10
Improvement-480 Added a Port parameter to the Flowspec Counters Options window 2022-03-31 8.1-11