Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Request-406 8.0-24 Updated PF_RING to version 7.8 to fix a PF_RING 7.6 bug that caused only a single channel to be used 2021-01-08
Request-379 8.0-16 Update netmap version to git from october 2020 2020-10-05
Request-366 8.0-13 Hide a harmless error message generated by mysql on Ubuntu 18 2020-09-09
Request-308 7.2-0 Remove support for CentOS 6, Debian 6 and Ubuntu 12 2019-09-05
Request-307 7.2-0 Add support for Debian 10 2019-09-05
Request-28 6.0.38 Whitelisting rules are not applied by the software firewall anymore 2015-07-13
Feature-99 6.2-42 GRE traffic decapsulation 2016-10-25
Feature-90 6.2-38 New option for Packet Filter that allows capturing packets on TUN/TAP interfaces 2016-09-21
Feature-84 6.2-36 New option for Guests to view/download/delete Packet Traces, but not to capture packets 2016-09-10
Feature-8 6.0.21. Packet Tracer support for PF_RING 2015-03-10
Feature-76 6.2-31 A new Duplicate option for Anomaly Detection, in the Sensor Cluster configuration 2016-08-03
Feature-69 6.2-25 Packet Filter support for bridged interfaces 2016-07-13
Feature-63 6.2-17 Suport for Huawei 16-bit MIB flow exporters 2016-05-18
Feature-607 8.3-17 Add a new Dynamic Parameter {attacked_isp} that returns the email of the ISP under attack, when it can be extracted from the Whois database 2024-06-20
Feature-606 8.3-16 Add a new option for executing custom scripts on the Console 2024-06-10
Feature-605 8.3-16 Add a new option for overriding BGP Connector parameters in the Response action used for sending BGP announcements 2024-06-10
Feature-601 8.3-15 Initial support for a new BGP Connector compatible with GoBGP 2024-05-28
Feature-592 8.3-14 A new Sensor graph that shows the Flow Export time distribution 2024-04-11
Feature-591 8.3-14 HTML Content widget can now show the output of a custom PHP script 2024-04-11
Feature-590 8.3-13 Add a new REST API call for deleting BGP Connectors 2024-03-31