Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Feature-586 8.3-12 Support for using regular expressions in Preconditions 2024-03-25
Feature-576 8.3-7 Add a new POST call in REST API that allows adding BGP Connectors 2024-03-01
Feature-573 8.3-7 A new Modern Dark theme 2024-03-01
Feature-570 8.3-5 Support for SHA256 and SHA512 in SNMP Sensor 2024-01-30
Feature-561 8.3-0 Release notes at 2023-12-26
Feature-555 8.2-19 Allow multiple BGP Neighbors in the ExaBGP Connector 2023-10-21
Feature-554 8.2-19 A new output option for high-DPI PNG images for the graphs obtained via the REST API 2023-10-21
Feature-535 8.2-12 Add support for VRF Instances in ExaBGP Configuration » Flowspec Counters 2023-06-03
Feature-531 8.2-10 Add support for Mellanox NICs when using PF_RING ZC 2023-04-27
Feature-523 8.2-9 Extend the Redirect (IP/VRF) field in ExaBGP Connector to allow entries for IPv4 and an IPv6 address 2023-04-02
Feature-519 8.2-8 19 new options for the Summary Graph in Anomaly Reports 2023-03-12
Feature-515 8.2-6 Add support for RADIUS authentication on PHP 8+ distros 2023-02-06
Feature-512 8.2-4 Flow Sensor is allowed to run without IP or AS Validation, provided that the router establishes the traffic's direction 2023-01-12
Feature-510 8.2-4 Several improvements to the Deduplication feature from Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Detection 2023-01-11
Feature-503 8.2-1 Release notes at 2022-12-27
Feature-483 8.1-12 Sensor Top widget can display a graph with top AS or Country data 2022-04-14
Feature-477 8.1-10 Two new Flow Collector options: one that enables flow analysis based on a specified criteria, and the other one that enables auto-filling of ASN data 2022-03-22
Feature-472 8.1-8 Users can change the description of manually-defined firewall rules 2022-02-28
Feature-470 8.1-8 A new option for PF_RING Capture Engine which allows a more efficient sampling of packets 2022-02-28
Feature-468 8.1-6 Add 95th percentile data to InfluxDB and the ability to obtain the value via the REST API 2022-01-24