Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-64 6.2-18 Suport for multiple netmap devices listening to the same interface 2016-05-23
Improvement-602 8.3-15 Extend the Withdrawal Restrictions of BGP Connectors to the announcements sent by Filter 2024-05-28
Improvement-600 8.3-15 Widget Configuration windows can be resized to be able to see very wide Sensor and Filter selectors 2024-05-28
Improvement-599 8.3-15 Allow seeing more Sensor Tops when restrictions are set for prefixes, by hiding the non-allowed IPs 2024-05-28
Improvement-598 8.3-15 Increase the number of time frames for the daily scheduler, in Scheduled Reports 2024-05-28
Improvement-597 8.3-15 Add a new CLI output option in the REST API, in /wanguard-api/v1/flow_records and /wanguard-api/v1/flow_tops, to see the CLI command for fetching data 2024-05-28
Improvement-596 8.3-15 If in the REST API an identical announcement exists when doing POST /wanguard-api/v1/bgp_announcements, indicate the announcement number 2024-05-28
Improvement-594 8.3-14 Optimize the updating of counters for whitelist rules applied with Netfilter 2024-04-11
Improvement-593 8.3-14 Improve the deduplication of decoders 2024-04-11
Improvement-589 8.3-13 Sort Threshold Templates alphabetically in IP Zone 2024-03-31
Improvement-587 8.3-12 New Flow Sensor graphs (Interface Packets and Interface Bits) that are useful for troubleshooting 2024-03-25
Improvement-582 8.3-9 Allow using multiple BGP Neighbors in the ExaBGP Connector when using Flowspec 2024-03-17
Improvement-581 8.3-9 Improve the REST API call GET /wanguard-api/v1/bgp_connectors/{bgp_connector_id} 2024-03-17
Improvement-579 8.3-9 Increase the number of interfaces that can be added to an IP Group report from Scheduled Reports 2024-03-17
Improvement-572 8.3-6 Change the defaults for IP Hash Table Size and Mempool Size in DPDK 2024-02-11
Improvement-571 8.3-6 Increase the maximum number of threshold rules per IP or subnet from 100 to 300 2024-02-11
Improvement-568 8.3-3 Improve the Geo Distribution map when using the Data Units for Packets and Bits/s 2024-01-18
Improvement-565 8.3-2 Aggregation support for the REST API calls used for flow tops and listings 2024-01-06
Improvement-560 8.2-20 Improved the compatibility of the Health Checker feature with the latest FRR versions 2023-11-12
Improvement-559 8.2-20 Implement a 90s timeout when sending notification emails via Responses because the {attacker_isp} dynamic parameter might hang when the whois data is incorrect 2023-11-12