Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-580 8.3-9 Fix the outbound bps reporting of the last decoder by Flow Sensor 2024-03-17
Feature-69 6.2-25 Packet Filter support for bridged interfaces 2016-07-13
Improvement-581 8.3-9 Improve the REST API call GET /wanguard-api/v1/bgp_connectors/{bgp_connector_id} 2024-03-17
Bugfix-70 6.2-25 Incorrect traffic rate values in IP and Application graphs, on rare ocasions when using frequent updates 2016-07-13
Feature-326 7.2-11 CentOS 8 compatibility 2019-12-01
Improvement-582 8.3-9 Allow using multiple BGP Neighbors in the ExaBGP Connector when using Flowspec 2024-03-17
Improvement-71 6.2-27 Option to import/export Thresholds Template from CLI 2016-07-22
Feature-327 7.2-12 Enhance the API to support modifying the Associated Sensors used by Sensor Clusters 2020-01-07
Bugfix-583 8.3-10 Fix black background on some graphs generated with rrdtool 2024-03-18
Bugfix-72 6.2-27 Flow Filter does not see all flows when start time and stop time of flows is identical 2016-07-22
Bugfix-328 7.2-12 Fix a small rendering issue with Whitelist windows on Safari/Mac 2020-01-07
Bugfix-584 8.3-10 Fix a flow parsing issue introduced in 8.3-9 2024-03-18
Bugfix-73 6.2-28 Filter not showing Software Firewall statistics when Netfilter Table is set to Raw 2016-07-27
Bugfix-329 7.2-13 Fix an incompatibility of Row Filtering Expressions with PHP 5.6+ 2020-01-07
Bugfix-585 8.3-11 Fix a bogus message generated by SNMP Sensor 2024-03-21
Improvement-74 6.2-29 Not possible to use only IPv6 addresses on monitoring/filtering servers 2016-08-01
Feature-330 7.2-14 REST API has new calls for adding/viewing/deleting firewall rules 2020-02-18
Feature-586 8.3-12 Support for using regular expressions in Preconditions 2024-03-25
Bugfix-75 6.2-29 Legend error on the mitigation graph from anomaly reports 2016-08-01
Feature-331 7.2-14 IP Zone can be automatically populated with prefixes by entering an AS-SET 2020-02-18