Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-587 8.3-12 New Flow Sensor graphs (Interface Packets and Interface Bits) that are useful for troubleshooting 2024-03-25
Feature-76 6.2-31 A new Duplicate option for Anomaly Detection, in the Sensor Cluster configuration 2016-08-03
Bugfix-332 7.2-15 Fix an initialization error when using DPDK 2020-02-28
Bugfix-588 8.3-13 Fix an IP Group permission issue on anomaly and filtering rule widgets 2024-03-31
Bugfix-77 6.2-32 Occasional Sensor crash when using the Precondition Response Actions 2016-08-12
Improvement-333 7.2-16 Support newer php versions when using a REST API call 2020-03-04
Improvement-589 8.3-13 Sort Threshold Templates alphabetically in IP Zone 2024-03-31
Improvement-78 6.2-32 Move the Software Updates window from Components -> General Settings panel to the Help menu 2016-08-12
Bugfix-334 7.2-16 Hide a useless Reports panel introduced by mistake in 7.2-15 2020-03-04
Feature-590 8.3-13 Add a new REST API call for deleting BGP Connectors 2024-03-31
Bugfix-79 6.2-33 Guests can see all packet dumps, even when having restricted access to the IP Zone 2016-08-23
Improvement-335 7.2-17 Avoid a warning from mysql when doing backups 2020-03-18
Feature-591 8.3-14 HTML Content widget can now show the output of a custom PHP script 2024-04-11
Bugfix-80 6.2-33 Interface list empty in Flow Sensor configuration in some situations 2016-08-23
Feature-336 8.0-1 Release notes at 2020-07-10
Feature-592 8.3-14 A new Sensor graph that shows the Flow Export time distribution 2024-04-11
Bugfix-81 6.2-33 Sensor crash when using the Captured Packets dynamic parameter before a packet-capturing action 2016-08-23
Improvement-337 8.0-2 Minor changes 2020-07-10
Improvement-593 8.3-14 Improve the deduplication of decoders 2024-04-11
Bugfix-82 6.2-35 Dynamic parameter "Filtering Rule Type" not working 2016-09-05