Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-338 8.0-3 Increase font sizes in several themes 2020-07-10
Improvement-594 8.3-14 Optimize the updating of counters for whitelist rules applied with Netfilter 2024-04-11
Improvement-83 6.2-35 Limit Packet Sensor's RAM usage during IP sweeps 2016-09-05
Bugfix-339 8.0-3 Fix a bug that prevented the selection of flowspec rules when sending bgp announcements manually 2020-07-10
Bugfix-595 8.3-14 Fix a bug that prevented the expiration of some anomalies having flowspec rules applied on Juniper MX 2024-04-11
Feature-84 6.2-36 New option for Guests to view/download/delete Packet Traces, but not to capture packets 2016-09-10
Improvement-340 8.0-3 Simplified the login screen 2020-07-10
Improvement-596 8.3-15 If in the REST API an identical announcement exists when doing POST /wanguard-api/v1/bgp_announcements, indicate the announcement number 2024-05-28
Bugfix-85 6.2-36 Chelsio firewall statistics not collected on CentOS 7 2016-09-10
Improvement-341 8.0-4 Redesign of the manual announcements window 2020-07-13
Improvement-597 8.3-15 Add a new CLI output option in the REST API, in /wanguard-api/v1/flow_records and /wanguard-api/v1/flow_tops, to see the CLI command for fetching data 2024-05-28
Bugfix-86 6.2-36 Rare BPF error when capturing packets for the MAIL decoder 2016-09-10
Improvement-342 8.0-4 Improvements to all themes 2020-07-13
Improvement-598 8.3-15 Increase the number of time frames for the daily scheduler, in Scheduled Reports 2024-05-28
Bugfix-87 6.2-36 South Region artifact showing on Guest accounts that don't have the South Region enabled 2016-09-10
Bugfix-343 8.0-5 Fixed a bug that affected influxdb 2020-07-14
Improvement-599 8.3-15 Allow seeing more Sensor Tops when restrictions are set for prefixes, by hiding the non-allowed IPs 2024-05-28
Bugfix-88 6.2-37 Packet Sensor in 6.2-35 and 6.2-36 can slow down and fill the Console server by filling the squeue table 2016-09-13
Improvement-344 8.0-5 Redesign of the BGP announcements window 2020-07-14
Improvement-600 8.3-15 Widget Configuration windows can be resized to be able to see very wide Sensor and Filter selectors 2024-05-28