Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-525 8.2-9 Flow listings and tops can show the owner of each AS number 2023-04-02
Improvement-14 6.0-24 Configuration -> General Settings -> Software Updates showing bugfix releases not only major updates 2015-03-16
Bugfix-270 7.1-8 Flow Filter and Filter Cluster processes were not properly terminated in some rare cases 2019-03-14
Bugfix-526 8.2-10 Fix connecting to RADIUS servers on custom ports 2023-04-27
Bugfix-15 6.0-27 Fix WANsupervisor crash immediately after starting up, in rare conditions 2015-03-26
Bugfix-271 7.1-8 Filters configured with the DPDK engine did not apply filtering rules for spoofed attacks 2019-03-14
Improvement-527 8.2-10 Avoid adding empty href links to the reports sent by email 2023-04-27
Bugfix-16 6.0-29 Flow Sensor crash when its RAM consumption reaches 2GB 2015-03-28
Bugfix-272 7.1-8 Avoid a very rare condition which causes some gengraph processes to consume all RAM 2019-03-14
Bugfix-528 8.2-10 Fix showing packet dumps on PHP 8 2023-04-27
Feature-273 7.1-9 Added a new option for graphing and generating tops for Downstream ASNs 2019-03-27
Bugfix-529 8.2-10 Fix a bug that prevented the {filtering_rule_log_*} dynamic parameter from being displayed 2023-04-27
Bugfix-18 6.0-31 Rare SQL error that prevents the SNMP Sensor from starting 2015-04-09
Improvement-274 7.1-9 Src/Dst ASNs renamed to Upstream ASNs 2019-03-27
Improvement-530 8.2-10 Allow the dynamic parameter {severity} to be compared to floating point numbers 2023-04-27
Improvement-19 6.0-31 Filter generates iptables rules in the raw table, not filter table, for an improved packet filtering performance 2015-04-09
Improvement-275 7.1-9 Sensors and Filters don’t get disabled if they are not started in less than 90 seconds 2019-03-27
Feature-531 8.2-10 Add support for Mellanox NICs when using PF_RING ZC 2023-04-27
Improvement-20 6.0-31 Console allows users to send duplicate BGP announcements as they may have different expiration times 2015-04-09
Improvement-276 7.1-9 WANsupervisor service starts with a delay of 1 minute to avoid issues with drivers that need a long time to load 2019-03-27