Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-532 8.2-11 Update the AS number details 2023-05-15
Bugfix-21 6.0-31 Packet Traces do not show the total number of captured packets in CentOS 6 and possibly other older distributions 2015-04-10
Feature-277 7.1-9 PNG graphs look less blurry on High DPI monitors 2019-03-27
Improvement-533 8.2-11 Add a new option in ExaBGP Configuration to allow the setting of a custom path for exabgpcli which is used by the Health Checker function 2023-05-15
Improvement-22 6.0-31 Whitelisting rules are applied by the software firewall 2015-04-17
Feature-278 7.1-9 New option in Graphs & Storage for generating SVG files instead of PNG for much crisper graphs on High DPI monitors 2019-03-27
Bugfix-534 8.2-12 Fix a graph background-related bug present in anomaly reports when using classic themes 2023-06-03
Bugfix-23 6.0-31 Console cannot send emails to multiple TO, CC or BCC addresses 2015-04-17
Improvement-279 7.1-9 Saving the Graphs & Storage configuration only warns about the deletion of the graph data when necessary and only after obtaining the user’s confirmation 2019-03-27
Feature-535 8.2-12 Add support for VRF Instances in ExaBGP Configuration » Flowspec Counters 2023-06-03
Bugfix-24 6.0-33 Fix manual expiration of firewall rules and a SW Filtering bug introduced in 6.0-32 2015-04-19
Improvement-280 7.1-9 Many improvements to the Black theme 2019-03-27
Improvement-536 8.2-12 Permit additional syntaxes in IP Zone » Add Prefixes » Extract from BGP 2023-06-03
Bugfix-25 6.0-34 The Software Firewall does not work when the Sniffing Interface is set to Outbound. Revert to default 2015-04-24
Feature-281 7.1-9 DPDK capture engine supports Jumbo frames when the Maximum Frame Size parameter from the DPDK Configuration window is set to values higher than 1518 2019-03-27
Improvement-537 8.2-12 Change the name of the Flows Timeout (s) field from the Flow Sensor configuration window to Long Flows Timeout 2023-06-03
Bugfix-26 6.0-37 Packet Sensor and Packe Filter do not analyze IPv6 packets with VLAN tags 2015-05-25
Bugfix-282 7.1-10 Fix a licensing issue with the Filter when its Capture Engine is set to DPDK 2019-04-03
Improvement-538 8.2-13 Improvements in Subnet Calculator 2023-07-30
Bugfix-27 6.0-37 Rare SQL error event generated by the Filter 2015-05-25