Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-283 7.1-11 Improve the accuracy of the packets/s and bits/s reporting on DPDK 2019-04-05
Bugfix-539 8.2-13 Fix a bug that affected the Dynamic Parameter {filtering_rule_log_*} 2023-07-30
Request-28 6.0.38 Whitelisting rules are not applied by the software firewall anymore 2015-07-13
Bugfix-284 7.1-12 Fix a bug which causes the Flow Filter to not recognise some attack patterns 2019-04-19
Bugfix-29 6.0-42 ASN graphs doubled on interfaces with Top set to Full 2015-07-29
Improvement-285 7.1-12 Support setting hardware filters using the driver i40e 2019-04-19
Bugfix-541 8.2-13 Fix the opening of some Packet Dumps from Filtering Rule Archive 2023-07-30
Bugfix-30 6.0-42 Filtering rules generated by Filter Clusters not correct in some cases for TTL values 2015-07-29
Improvement-286 7.1-12 Fix the flickering of some auto-refreshing graphs in Console 2019-04-19
Improvement-542 8.2-14 Accept G(bytes) in the Byte rate-limiting field from Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Mitigation 2023-08-31
Improvement-31 6.0-46 Configuration -> General Settings -> Software Updates shows current and latest version 2015-07-29
Improvement-287 7.1-12 Prevent a situation where Flow Sensor doesn't start because the kernel has not released the previous socket 2019-04-19
Bugfix-543 8.2-14 Fix the GET /wanguard-api/v1/sensor_tops REST API call when retrieving tops for Sensor Clusters 2023-08-31
Bugfix-32 6.0-44 Packet Tracers not working with Myricom Sniffer10G 2015-08-07
Improvement-288 7.1-12 Update PF_RING code to v. 2019-04-19
Improvement-544 8.2-15 A new Interface Type option in the Sniffing Interface Options window used for identifying GRE interfaces 2023-09-25
Bugfix-33 6.0-44 Packet Filters not capturing IPv6 traffic on few decoders 2015-08-07
Improvement-289 7.1-12 Update DPDK code to 18.11.1 2019-04-19
Improvement-545 8.2-16 Fix a scalability issue that affected Sensor Clusters used with Flow Filters 2023-09-25
Bugfix-34 6.0-46 Radius authentication using CHAP does not work 2015-08-08