Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-566 8.3-2 Fix a very rare bug where the reporting of CPU% used by certain Flow Sensors was > 100% 2024-01-06
Bugfix-55 6.1-13 Multiple graphs for all IPs in a subnet not being displayed 2016-02-10
Improvement-311 7.2-2 Minor improvement in graph rendering 2019-09-06
Bugfix-567 8.3-3 Fix the flowspec rule for the SIP protocol 2024-01-18
Bugfix-56 6.1-14 Rare Sensor freezing when using the exclusive dynamic parameter 2016-02-24
Bugfix-312 7.2-3 Revert to Netmap v12 2019-09-17
Improvement-568 8.3-3 Improve the Geo Distribution map when using the Data Units for Packets and Bits/s 2024-01-18
Bugfix-57 6.2-6 Packet Sensor crash when using Netmap 2016-04-05
Bugfix-313 7.2-4 Fix sending manually BGP announcements with PHP 7.3 2019-09-20
Bugfix-569 8.3-4 Fix an installation error on CentOS 7 2024-01-22
Feature-314 7.2-5 Enables the Use Per-IP Data option when using InfluxDB 2019-09-30
Feature-570 8.3-5 Support for SHA256 and SHA512 in SNMP Sensor 2024-01-30
Bugfix-59 6.2-10 SYN Proxy not working when defining Inbound and Outbound interfaces 2016-04-24
Bugfix-315 7.2-5 Fix showing graphs for some IP groups when using InfluxDB 2019-09-30
Improvement-571 8.3-6 Increase the maximum number of threshold rules per IP or subnet from 100 to 300 2024-02-11
Bugfix-60 6.2-12 Packet Filter random crashes when used with PF_RING 2016-04-29
Improvement-316 7.2-6 In Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Mitigation, the Filtering Rule "Source IP" renamed "IP Address" 2019-10-14
Improvement-572 8.3-6 Change the defaults for IP Hash Table Size and Mempool Size in DPDK 2024-02-11
Feature-317 7.2-7 Fix build issue on Debian 10 2019-10-14
Feature-573 8.3-7 A new Modern Dark theme 2024-03-01