Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-62 6.2-14 Wrong Sensor top data when using both a Flow Sensor and a SNMP Sensor 2016-05-11
Feature-318 7.2-6 IP Blacklist data sources can also use HTTPS 2019-10-14
Bugfix-574 8.3-7 Fix the NETBIOS decoder in Flow Sensor 2024-03-01
Feature-63 6.2-17 Suport for Huawei 16-bit MIB flow exporters 2016-05-18
Bugfix-319 7.2-8 Fix a summarization issue on AS and Country graphs when using Influxdb 2019-11-05
Bugfix-575 8.3-7 Fix showing Anomaly Graphs by Sensor Clusters that have Anomaly Detection set to Aggregated and IP Graphing set to Not Aggregated 2024-03-01
Improvement-64 6.2-18 Suport for multiple netmap devices listening to the same interface 2016-05-23
Improvement-320 7.2-8 Add other influxdb configuration requirements in the User Guide 2019-11-05
Feature-576 8.3-7 Add a new POST call in REST API that allows adding BGP Connectors 2024-03-01
Bugfix-65 6.2-19 System PCAP capturing engine not respecting 2016-05-27
Improvement-321 7.2-8 Fix the detection of filtering rules for countries and payloads 2019-11-05
Bugfix-577 8.3-8 Fix a DPDK build error introduced in 8.3-7 2024-03-04
Improvement-66 6.2-20 Capturing Engine Netmap not able to work with multiple Packet Sensors listening to the same interface 2016-06-04
Bugfix-322 7.2-9 Fix a minor building issue introduced in 7.2-8 2019-11-05
Bugfix-578 8.3-8 Fix showing non-utf8 interface listings on Flow Sensor and SNMP Sensor 2024-03-04
Bugfix-67 6.2-20 Inconsistency in user access rights when Components is set to None 2016-06-04
Bugfix-323 7.2-10 Fix a rare issue that can cause graphs for to show huge values when using Influxdb 2019-11-17
Improvement-579 8.3-9 Increase the number of interfaces that can be added to an IP Group report from Scheduled Reports 2024-03-17
Improvement-68 6.2-23 Avoid reporting of short attacks 2016-06-21
Bugfix-324 7.2-10 Fix an Influxdb issue with IP group graphs 2019-11-17