Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-542 8.2-14 Accept G(bytes) in the Byte rate-limiting field from Configuration » General Settings » Anomaly Mitigation 2023-08-31
Improvement-473 8.1-8 Add -w flag to iptables to avoid filtering rules not being applied when other software is blocking Netfilter 2022-02-28
Feature-468 8.1-6 Add 95th percentile data to InfluxDB and the ability to obtain the value via the REST API 2022-01-24
Improvement-355 8.0-9 Add a check for STRICT_TRANS_TABLES in the initial system assessment 2020-07-28
Improvement-382 8.0-17 Add a new "Details" column to the Sensor Events grid 2020-10-26
Improvement-597 8.3-15 Add a new CLI output option in the REST API, in /wanguard-api/v1/flow_records and /wanguard-api/v1/flow_tops, to see the CLI command for fetching data 2024-05-28
Feature-606 8.3-16 Add a new option for executing custom scripts on the Console 2024-06-10
Feature-605 8.3-16 Add a new option for overriding BGP Connector parameters in the Response action used for sending BGP announcements 2024-06-10
Improvement-533 8.2-11 Add a new option in ExaBGP Configuration to allow the setting of a custom path for exabgpcli which is used by the Health Checker function 2023-05-15
Feature-381 8.0-16 Add a new option in Reports » Tools » Firewall to delete all non-custom active firewall rules 2020-10-05
Feature-576 8.3-7 Add a new POST call in REST API that allows adding BGP Connectors 2024-03-01
Improvement-374 8.0-14 Add a new property in REST API for sending extended_community in BGP 2020-09-23
Feature-590 8.3-13 Add a new REST API call for deleting BGP Connectors 2024-03-31
Feature-146 6.2-56 Add a swap option to the direction selector in IP graphs which reverts the y-axis between inbound and outbound 2017-05-02
Feature-148 6.2-56 Add an option to show IPs in the IP Accounting dashboard widget 2017-05-02
Feature-398 8.0-20 Add an optional parameter in the REST API when calling POST on /wanguard-api/v1/bgp_announcements. When set, this new parameter will be passed the exabgp 2020-11-20
Feature-109 6.2-46 Add automatically-generated Anomaly Graphs and enable them by default while still allowing IP Graphs to be generated in Anomaly Reports 2016-11-22
Improvement-296 7.1-14 Add compatibility for PHP 7.3 2019-05-19
Improvement-306 7.2-0 Add many visual improvements to the "Flat" theme 2019-09-05
Improvement-320 7.2-8 Add other influxdb configuration requirements in the User Guide 2019-11-05