Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-413 8.0-27 Fix an issue with hashlimit on newer kernels 2021-02-15
Bugfix-420 8.0-30 Fix an sFlow parsing issue caused by sflowtool 2021-03-15
Bugfix-418 8.0-28 Fix an upgrade issue on Ubuntu 18 2021-02-15
Bugfix-475 8.1-9 Fix anomaly detection on a few flow exporters that don't export correct flow start/stop timestamp values 2022-03-09
Bugfix-300 7.1-14 Fix Application graphs with DPDK when Granularity is set to 1 second 2019-05-19
Bugfix-189 7.0-0 Fix BGP withdrawals when ExaBGP is used without FlowSpec support 2018-03-17
Bugfix-583 8.3-10 Fix black background on some graphs generated with rrdtool 2024-03-18
Bugfix-352 8.0-8 Fix bug that caused Flow Sensors to consume 100% cpu when Flow Collector was set to Off and Flow Protocol was set to sFlow 2020-07-21
Bugfix-259 7.1-2 Fix bug which prevented the DPDK-enabled Sensor to start when the TX queues are not used 2019-02-07
Feature-317 7.2-7 Fix build issue on Debian 10 2019-10-14
Bugfix-562 8.3-1 Fix capturing packets on RX-only DPDK interfaces 2023-12-29
Bugfix-557 8.2-20 Fix column sorting of flows and IP accounting records 2023-11-12
Bugfix-373 8.0-14 Fix combo scrolling by mouse wheel on Firefox 2020-09-23
Bugfix-526 8.2-10 Fix connecting to RADIUS servers on custom ports 2023-04-27
Bugfix-301 7.1-14 Fix Dataplane Firewall filtered bits value 2019-05-19
Bugfix-217 7.0-1 Fix ExaBGP Connector error introduced in 7.0-0 2018-03-17
Improvement-408 8.0-24 Fix for "lost connection to sql server" errors in some cases 2021-01-08
Bugfix-396 8.0-20 Fix for a bug in the REST API which caused the parent parameter to be always false when using POST on /wanguard-api/v1/threshold_templates/{threshold_template_id}/thresholds 2020-11-20
Bugfix-411 8.0-25 Fix for a sound notification bug 2021-01-18
Bugfix-360 8.0-10 Fix for a Whitelist bug 2020-08-03