Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Feature-318 7.2-6 IP Blacklist data sources can also use HTTPS 2019-10-14
Improvement-197 7.0-0 IP Dashboards can contain Anomalies widgets 2018-03-17
Improvement-184 6.3-10 IP Group restrictions for Guest users applied for Reports -> Flow Collectors 2017-12-27
Bugfix-44 6.1-2 IP Reputation Data Sources do not update on CentOS 6 2015-12-07
Feature-331 7.2-14 IP Zone can be automatically populated with prefixes by entering an AS-SET 2020-02-18
Feature-173 6.3-5 IP Zone can be populated automatically with prefixes announced in BGP 2017-10-18
Feature-455 8.1-0 IP Zone data can be imported, exported and transferred between Consoles 2021-12-27
Bugfix-176 6.3-7 Latest version shown is 6.3-4 instead of 6.3-5 or 6.3-6 2017-10-27
Bugfix-75 6.2-29 Legend error on the mitigation graph from anomaly reports 2016-08-01
Improvement-83 6.2-35 Limit Packet Sensor's RAM usage during IP sweeps 2016-09-05
Improvement-107 6.2-46 List compatible ICMP Codes when adding FlowSpec rules manually 2016-11-22
Bugfix-10 6.0.21 Live Filtering Rules Widget not displaying only live filtering rules 2015-03-10
Feature-137 6.2-53 Log in using the URL /wanguard/login.php?username=restricted_user&password=pass 2017-02-06
Improvement-152 6.2-56 Manual BGP Announcements via ExaBGP can contain a custom community 2017-05-02
Improvement-280 7.1-9 Many improvements to the Black theme 2019-03-27
Improvement-410 8.0-25 Many small aesthetic changes 2021-01-18
Improvement-416 8.0-27 Minor aesthetic improvements 2021-02-15
Improvement-337 8.0-2 Minor changes 2020-07-10
Improvement-311 7.2-2 Minor improvement in graph rendering 2019-09-06
Improvement-391 8.0-18 Minor improvements to all Modern themes 2020-11-08