Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-7 6.0.21 Ubuntu 14 Console installation error (404 on /wanguard) 2015-03-06
Improvement-102 6.2-42 Unecessary reloading of Console UI during initial Sensor and Filter configuration 2016-10-25
Improvement-151 6.2-56 Update decoders Netflix, Facebook, Hulu and Youtube 2017-05-02
Improvement-289 7.1-12 Update DPDK code to 18.11.1 2019-04-19
Request-379 8.0-16 Update netmap version to git from october 2020 2020-10-05
Improvement-288 7.1-12 Update PF_RING code to v. 2019-04-19
Improvement-532 8.2-11 Update the AS number details 2023-05-15
Improvement-421 8.0-30 Updated geoip database 2021-03-15
Improvement-154 6.3-0 Updated list of AS numbers and ISPs 2017-05-31
Feature-450 8.1-0 Updated Netmap to git master from November 2021 2021-12-27
Request-406 8.0-24 Updated PF_RING to version 7.8 to fix a PF_RING 7.6 bug that caused only a single channel to be used 2021-01-08
Improvement-162 6.3-4 Updated the ASNs bookmarked for Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and Google 2017-09-19
Improvement-243 7.1-0 Updates to the embedded GeoIP and ASN data 2019-01-08
Improvement-524 8.2-9 Upgrade PF_RING to version 8.4 2023-04-02
Feature-472 8.1-8 Users can change the description of manually-defined firewall rules 2022-02-28
Bugfix-89 6.2-38 Various Console errors with Ubuntu 16 and PHP 7 2016-09-21
Improvement-353 8.0-9 Visual improvements to the existing Modern themes 2020-07-28
Improvement-116 6.2-47 wanconsole package will be dependent on mail-transfer-agent not on sendmail-bin to prevent upgrading issues on Debian and Ubuntu 2016-12-09
Improvement-419 8.0-29 WANmaintenance backup_db now saves the resulting sql file in the current directory 2021-02-23
Improvement-276 7.1-9 WANsupervisor service starts with a delay of 1 minute to avoid issues with drivers that need a long time to load 2019-03-27