Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-68 6.2-23 Avoid reporting of short attacks 2016-06-21
Improvement-299 7.1-14 Avoid unnecessary Flow Sensor restarts in some exceptional situations 2019-05-19
Improvement-129 6.2-52 Better diagnostics when Flow Sensor ignores flows due to IP/AS Validation 2017-01-31
Bugfix-235 7.0-8 Better height autodetection for graphs when Legend is set to Full 2018-06-26
Improvement-417 8.0-27 Better upgrades between patches without Sensors being disabled in the process 2021-02-15
Bugfix-362 8.0-11 Bugfix for anomaly graphs requested via REST API from Influxdb 2020-08-19
Bugfix-363 8.0-11 Bugfix for ip graphs stored in influxdb 2020-08-19
Bugfix-467 8.1-5 Bugfix for non-UTF8 interfaces retrieved by Console via SNMP 2022-01-17
Bugfix-465 8.1-4 Bugfix for the Dynamic Parameter {filtering_rule_log} 2022-01-12
Bugfix-1 5.3 Buggy TTL-based filtering rules set by the Filter 2014-02-06
Improvement-66 6.2-20 Capturing Engine Netmap not able to work with multiple Packet Sensors listening to the same interface 2016-06-04
Feature-326 7.2-11 CentOS 8 compatibility 2019-12-01
Improvement-572 8.3-6 Change the defaults for IP Hash Table Size and Mempool Size in DPDK 2024-02-11
Improvement-537 8.2-12 Change the name of the Flows Timeout (s) field from the Flow Sensor configuration window to Long Flows Timeout 2023-06-03
Bugfix-85 6.2-36 Chelsio firewall statistics not collected on CentOS 7 2016-09-10
Bugfix-95 6.2-41 CLI API not returning UNKNOWN status on Filters 2016-09-30
Bugfix-9 6.0.21 Cluster Filter not applying filtering rules 2015-03-10
Feature-449 8.1-0 Compatibility with DPDK 21.11. Compatibility with Mellanox ConnectX-4/5/6 when using DPDK. The DPDK Capture Engine requires a separate license on new installations 2021-12-27
Improvement-14 6.0-24 Configuration -> General Settings -> Software Updates showing bugfix releases not only major updates 2015-03-16
Improvement-31 6.0-46 Configuration -> General Settings -> Software Updates shows current and latest version 2015-07-29