Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-30 6.0-42 Filtering rules generated by Filter Clusters not correct in some cases for TTL values 2015-07-29
Bugfix-271 7.1-8 Filters configured with the DPDK engine did not apply filtering rules for spoofed attacks 2019-03-14
Bugfix-506 8.2-3 Fix a 'Duplicate entry' error that appeared while upgrading to 8.2 2023-01-05
Bugfix-268 7.1-7 Fix a bug affecting the correct detection of profile anomalies 2019-03-07
Bugfix-233 7.0-8 Fix a bug in Graphs & Storage Configuration with less than 3 RRAs 2018-06-26
Bugfix-220 7.0-3 Fix a bug in the World Clock window introduced in 7.0-1 2018-03-22
Bugfix-501 8.1-18 Fix a bug preventing Sensor Logs to be shown in Anomaly Reports when using a Sensor Cluster 2022-07-19
Bugfix-539 8.2-13 Fix a bug that affected the Dynamic Parameter {filtering_rule_log_*} 2023-07-30
Bugfix-469 8.1-7 Fix a bug that caused some AS/Country graphs to misrepresent InfluxDB-stored values 2022-02-05
Bugfix-521 8.2-8 Fix a bug that caused some Scheduled Reports to be empty 2023-03-12
Bugfix-269 7.1-7 Fix a bug that prevented custom Chelsio filtering rules from being deleted 2019-03-07
Bugfix-485 8.1-13 Fix a bug that prevented the matching of some Flowspec counters 2022-04-26
Bugfix-339 8.0-3 Fix a bug that prevented the selection of flowspec rules when sending bgp announcements manually 2020-07-10
Bugfix-529 8.2-10 Fix a bug that prevented the {filtering_rule_log_*} dynamic parameter from being displayed 2023-04-27
Bugfix-389 8.0-18 Fix a bug when capturing packets on tun interfaces 2020-11-08
Bugfix-284 7.1-12 Fix a bug which causes the Flow Filter to not recognise some attack patterns 2019-04-19
Bugfix-222 7.0-4 Fix a bug with the ExaBGP Connector on newly installed Wanguard 7.0 2018-04-03
Bugfix-445 8.0-36 Fix a Console rendering issue with the latest Safari 2021-09-27
Bugfix-238 7.0-9 Fix a display bug in filtering rules archive when the ISP or country fields contain non-ASCII characters 2018-07-25
Bugfix-224 7.0-4 Fix a display bug in the IP Accounting widget 2018-04-03