Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-438 8.0-34 Fix a PHP 7.0 (or older) issue introduced in 8.0-33 2021-08-07
Bugfix-302 7.1-15 Fix a PHP loader issue introduced in 7.1-14 2019-05-20
Bugfix-492 8.1-15 Fix a rare bug that caused Sensor Cluster to report false values from Wansight Sensors 2022-05-05
Bugfix-239 7.0-9 Fix a rare display bug in the Latest Alarm field when using Chelsio hardware firewall 2018-07-25
Bugfix-432 8.0-33 Fix a rare IP Zone display issue on some subnets with inherited values 2021-08-03
Bugfix-323 7.2-10 Fix a rare issue that can cause graphs for to show huge values when using Influxdb 2019-11-17
Improvement-545 8.2-16 Fix a scalability issue that affected Sensor Clusters used with Flow Filters 2023-09-25
Bugfix-328 7.2-12 Fix a small rendering issue with Whitelist windows on Safari/Mac 2020-01-07
Bugfix-319 7.2-8 Fix a summarization issue on AS and Country graphs when using Influxdb 2019-11-05
Bugfix-495 8.1-17 Fix a visibility problem for guest users with restricted access to IP groups containing IPv6 subnets 2022-06-19
Bugfix-221 7.0-4 Fix adding Flow Sensor interfaces via the REST API 2018-04-03
Bugfix-505 8.2-3 Fix adding prefixes to IP Zone via the REST API 2023-01-05
Bugfix-556 8.2-19 Fix an auto-restart issue with Flow Sensors configured for sFlow 2023-10-21
Bugfix-550 8.2-19 Fix an extra blank space on the legend of country graphs 2023-10-21
Bugfix-329 7.2-13 Fix an incompatibility of Row Filtering Expressions with PHP 5.6+ 2020-01-07
Bugfix-324 7.2-10 Fix an Influxdb issue with IP group graphs 2019-11-17
Bugfix-332 7.2-15 Fix an initialization error when using DPDK 2020-02-28
Bugfix-549 8.2-18 Fix an issue with flowspec redirects for decoders that contain tcp-flags 2023-10-17
Bugfix-292 7.1-13 Fix an issue with graphs in Scheduled Reports 2019-05-01
Improvement-413 8.0-27 Fix an issue with hashlimit on newer kernels 2021-02-15