Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Bugfix-157 6.3-1 Fix harmless error when executing install_console on CentOS 7 2017-07-31
Bugfix-263 7.1-4 Fix IPv6 and another fix for TCP flags detection with the DPDK capture engine 2019-02-25
Bugfix-24 6.0-33 Fix manual expiration of firewall rules and a SW Filtering bug introduced in 6.0-32 2015-04-19
Bugfix-388 8.0-17 Fix minor bug in Country tab 2020-10-26
Bugfix-463 8.1-2 Fix missing wanrepo package on CentOS 2021-12-27
Bugfix-218 7.0-2 Fix Packet Tracers selector 2018-03-20
Bugfix-520 8.2-8 Fix parsing whitelist rules with generic IPv6 prefixes such as ::/0. Add support for /0 which matches both ipv6 ::/0 and 2023-03-12
Bugfix-144 6.2-55 Fix PDF Anomaly Reports sent through Responses 2017-03-22
Bugfix-219 7.0-2 Fix possible crash in Packet Sensor when DPDK is used 2018-03-20
Bugfix-313 7.2-4 Fix sending manually BGP announcements with PHP 7.3 2019-09-20
Bugfix-315 7.2-5 Fix showing graphs for some IP groups when using InfluxDB 2019-09-30
Bugfix-442 8.0-35 Fix SNMP polling by the SNMP Sensor of IPv6-only devices 2021-09-10
Bugfix-518 8.2-8 Fix SNMP v3 authentication in SNMP Sensor 2023-03-12
Bugfix-380 8.0-16 Fix some dashboard widget configuration windows 2020-10-05
Bugfix-513 8.2-5 Fix some errors of Flow Sensor regarding nsel and if/vrf names 2023-01-24
Bugfix-412 8.0-26 Fix some small display issues introduced in 8.0-25 2021-01-29
Bugfix-444 8.0-35 Fix the "Flow exporter's clock desynchronized 1 seconds in the future" warning that appeared in 8.0-34 on a few flow exporters 2021-09-10
Improvement-120 6.2-47 Fix the color scheme for some icons on Chrome and Firefox running on Windows 2016-12-09
Bugfix-297 7.1-14 Fix the Configuration Wizard on new PHP versions 2019-05-19
Bugfix-489 8.1-15 Fix the date format shown in BGP Connector Events tab 2022-05-05