Changelog for minor software releases

Code Version   Text Date
Improvement-167 6.3-4 [Expire Anomalies] button moved from Reports->Anomalies->Anomaly Archive to Reports->Anomalies->Active Anomalies 2017-09-19
Bugfix-97 6.2-41 [Chelsio firewall rule parse error] event when there is a Chelsio rule with IDX 0 2016-09-30
Bugfix-62 6.2-14 Wrong Sensor top data when using both a Flow Sensor and a SNMP Sensor 2016-05-11
Bugfix-96 6.2-41 Wrong packet size on filtering rules applied through FlowSpec 2016-09-30
Improvement-600 8.3-15 Widget Configuration windows can be resized to be able to see very wide Sensor and Filter selectors 2024-05-28
Request-28 6.0.38 Whitelisting rules are not applied by the software firewall anymore 2015-07-13
Improvement-22 6.0-31 Whitelisting rules are applied by the software firewall 2015-04-17
Improvement-262 7.1-3 Whitelisting implemented for Flowspec announcements 2019-02-11
Bugfix-38 6.0-49 Whitelisted filtering rules did not work for IPv6 2015-09-18
Feature-368 8.0-13 Whitelist rules can accept port ranges with syntax port_min:port_max 2020-09-09
Feature-435 8.0-33 When Flowspec is used, a new dedicated button will be available in Reports » Tools » Routing » Active BGP Announcements which allows sending manual Flowspec routing updates 2021-08-03
Improvement-190 7.0-0 When Consolidation is not set to AVERAGE, graphs will not show 95th percentiles and Sums because the results are not accurate 2018-03-17
Feature-434 8.0-33 When Console cannot connect to MySQL it will return HTTP Code 500 2021-08-03
Improvement-276 7.1-9 WANsupervisor service starts with a delay of 1 minute to avoid issues with drivers that need a long time to load 2019-03-27
Improvement-419 8.0-29 WANmaintenance backup_db now saves the resulting sql file in the current directory 2021-02-23
Improvement-116 6.2-47 wanconsole package will be dependent on mail-transfer-agent not on sendmail-bin to prevent upgrading issues on Debian and Ubuntu 2016-12-09
Improvement-353 8.0-9 Visual improvements to the existing Modern themes 2020-07-28
Bugfix-89 6.2-38 Various Console errors with Ubuntu 16 and PHP 7 2016-09-21
Feature-472 8.1-8 Users can change the description of manually-defined firewall rules 2022-02-28
Improvement-524 8.2-9 Upgrade PF_RING to version 8.4 2023-04-02